DIY Mickey Ghost Family Costume!

If you’re a Disney fan and looking for a fun and easy to make Halloween costume to make for the whole family to enjoy, check out this DIY Mickey Ghost Family Costume!

Hey All!

As you can see from the photos, this costume was actually made last year! We had an amazing time at Disneyland dressing up like Mickey Ghosts and I can’t tell you how sad I am that we can’t head to the parks this year. Sadly I don’t know when we’ll be heading to the parks again. Since I didn’t get to share how I made this costume last year, I figured I would finally share how I made it this year. It’s really not difficult to make. I’ve been trying to keep the costumes simple since we have a toddler to run around after. No one has hours upon hours to spend making costumes. Especially during a pandemic! I digress…

You can make this as a family costume, a couples costume, a costume just for the kids, or just stand alone individual costumes. Even baby will enjoy it since they love to chew on foamy things. He was obsessed with chewing on the ears. We stopped him of course! I think it’s just a cute picture though!

It’s one of my favorite Halloween costumes that I’ve made here on the site and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do! Here is how to make it!

First I took the Black Cricut Infusible Ink Iron On Paper and cut out 3 large oval shapes and mouth with my Cricut Cutting Machine. As you can see I used the extra large cutting mat for this. You can also do this by hand with a pair of scissors. Just try to make the cuts as clean as possible!

Next you take the pieces you cut out and you place them like a face on the white t-shirt you’re going to iron them onto.



I then used my Cricut Easy Press to essentially press the infusible ink into the shirts. You set a timer on the machine and when it goes off it’s done! I used the infusible ink t-shirts to make this in size large. They are the best to use for the infusible ink.

You can use regular shirts and a white dress like I did, but make sure you put paper towel or some kind of cloth on the inside of the dress or shirt so the ink doesn’t penetrate all the way to the back side of the shirt or dress.

That’s the way the t-shirt for my hubby came out! How cute is that! Like I said, the infusible ink works best on the shirts that are made by Cricut for it.

My dress I tried the infusible ink on, but it didn’t come out as vibrant as the t-shirt did. It was very faded, so I decided to cut some black felt in the shape of the eyes, nose, and mouth. I glued it over where the infusible ink was. It actually came out very cute as it almost looked like a 2D shadow effect.

I cut round large circles from the black felt and stuck them on the shoulder areas of the dress to make the ears.

I made some matching earrings and a bow clip with some shrink paper and the image from the Mickey Ghost FREE Printable. I printed it on the shrink paper, baked it, let it cool, hot glued it to a gator clip and clipped it onto these interchangeable bow mouse ears I had. The earrings I just punched a hole into the top of the shrink paper Mickey ghost before I baked him and then once he was baked and cooled, I put him on some earring rings.

I paired my dress with some striped leggings and orange mickey head flats I got a long time ago at Disneyland.

I also paired it with some black heart sunglasses and my Mickey Ghost popcorn bucket, because it was the perfect time to wear it of course!

For the baby’s costume I just got a black and white stripped onesie, cut out the Mickey ghost shape from white craft foam and cut out the mouth, nose, eyes and ears from black craft foam. I glued them all together.

I then took it and made some suspenders and a belt with some of the black felt and added some velcro to it. I placed velcro on the back of the foam Mickey Ghost and then I velcro it onto his onesie. That’s it! Super easy!

I paired it with some round Mickey glasses I got at Target for him and that was it!

My husband and I think he looks like Elton John in those glasses!

As you can see he was very happy and comfortable in his Mickey Ghost costume.

The foam makes it very light weight and since it can be easily removed because of the velcro, it’s the perfect costume to have a baby or toddler wear. They don’t have to keep the ghost on the whole day if they don’t want to. You can just velcro it off.

I’ve been reliving the memories of the fun time we had at the parks in these costumes.

I love this magic shot I got with zero. It’s too cute!

We miss Halloween Mickey so much! He’s making such a funny face in this shot! We tried our best to get him to smile.

This costume was amazing last year and it’s still amazing this year. You can definitely make this for your back yard Halloween candy hunts or trunk or treat drive way festivities this year. You can still have a safe Halloween and dress up!

I hope you enjoy this family costume idea as much as I do! I also hope you enjoyed this walk through Halloween memory lane! I know we’ll have fun Halloween memories again in the future!

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