DIY Mint Julep Halloween Costume!

Hey All!

Since I give zero F’s this year and I’m just doing anything I want for Halloween, I decided to make a Halloween costume of my favorite Disneyland drink. I based it on the Disney Kingdom of Cute line that my friend and favorite designer Jerrod Maruyama designed. He designed a bunch of products including a pop vinyl adorable mint julep, which I’m holding in my hand above. I’m obsessed with it, so I knew I had to turn it into a costume. This is also perfect for all my Disney Bounding folks!

First we made a dole whip costume and now we’re making a mint julep! Two of our Disneyland must have staples!

It’s very kawaii cute and the perfect simple Disney themed costume for Halloween.

Here is how to make it!

  • Yellow, Red, and White Stick-On Vinyl
  • Black, Red, Green, White and Brown felt
  • Empty Paper Towel Roll or Wrapping Paper Roll
  • Scissors
  • Red Cardstock
  • Light Green and Yellow Spray paint
  • Small Plate
  • White Plastic Headband
  • Red Straw
  • Green or Clear Cup
  • Circle Velcro Dots
  • Red Ping Pong Ball
  • Velcro Strips
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Any Green Shift Dress

First you cut our your eyes and mouth out of black felt with your scissors. You then cut out the red circles from red felt for the little cheeks.

You stick all onto your dress with some circle velcro dots, so you don’t have to ruin your dresss.

You then cut out 6 ice cube shapes out of your white felt. Three will be for the front and three for the back.

You stick 3 onto the front corner of your dress with your strips of velcro and do the same for the back. Lastly you cut out a circle from your yellow stick-on vinyl and then cut out a white circular strip and rounded edge triangles to make your lemon wedge. You first stick on the yellow circle half to the top left corner of your dress and then you stick your white pieces on top of it.

That finishes the dress costume part. You then move on to making your mint julep headpiece.

You spray paint a small plate green and yellow and let it dry completely. You cut out a mint leaf shape from your green felt. Cut the cherry stem from the brown felt. Cut out the same white pieces from the white vinyl that you did earlier to make the lemon wedge.


Glue the mint piece, lemon wedge piece, and red ping pong ball to the green plate. Glue the brown stem to the red ping pong ball.

Cut your empty paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll down to size and wrap it in red stick on vinyl to make the straw piece for your hat piece.

Glue the red straw piece to the green plate. Glue the green plate with all the pieces on it to a white headband.

Lastly, if you’d like to make yourself a fake mint julep to walk around with, you simply get a green cup or spray paint a clear plastic cup green. If you spray paint it, make sure it dries completely. Fill the cup with some with felt. Cut out some ice cube shapes from the white stick-on vinyl and stick them onto the cup. Cut out a cherry shape out of the red cardstock and stick it onto the white felt.

Stick a red straw in the cup and that’s it. You’re done!

I hope you love this fun kawaii Disneyland Mint Julep Halloween costume just as much as I do!

Stay tuned for more of our 2017 Halloween costumes coming at you all week! If you make this costume be sure to tag me @BriteandBubbly and use the hashtag #BUBBLYSQUAD so I can see how amazing you look in your unicorn toast coastume!

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