DIY Pancake Halloween Costume For Ladies & Dogs!

DIY Ladies and Dog Pancake Halloween Costumes

Hey All!

Sorry it took so long to get this up. The pictures got messed up when my computer crashed after I updated it to El Capitan. Damn you software updates! I salvaged as many pictures as I could from this post and tried to make them look as best as I can. Sorry about the quality ya’ll. I did my best. Here is the gist of how to make this fun Pancake Costume for ladies or even gents (if you feel so inclined to dress as pancake) and their fur babies.

Here is what you’ll need to make my favorite breakfast food costume.



  • Hula-Hoop.
  • 3″ Upholstery Foam.
  • Stretchy White Fabric.
  • Brown, Tan, and Yellow Spray Paint.
  • 2″ Brown Elastic.
  • Sticker Velcro.
  • Brown Dress or any Brown Outfit You Have.
  • Scissors.
  • Box Cutter.
  • Rubber Band
  • Brown Headband (Or white headband that you can spray paint brown).
  • Glue Gun with Glue Sticks.


First you pull your white stretch fabric around your hula-hoop and pull the excess fabric together tight in the back. Tie the excess fabric in a knot and wrap the knot with the rubber band to secure.

Once your fabric is pulled tight around your hula-hoop, you then take your tan spray paint and spray the first layer of spray paint. You want to leave the edges of the pancake white.


After the tan spray paint, you then spray on your brown spray paint. This layering of colors gives the fabric and hula-hoop the look of a pancake. You let it dry for an hour, so the paint is completely dry.

With your box cutter and scissors, you then cut out a square from Upholstery Foam. This will become the butter. You spray paint the square yellow, so it looks like butter. Let the butter dry for an hour.

You then take your glue gun and stick the butter to the pancake. You then take your brown elastic and cut it to the length that feels comfortable around your neck. You then glue the elastic to the pancake.

Pancake Halloween Costume

This completes the pancake portion of the costume. You then move on to making your head piece. You cut out a small circle from the foam with your box cutter and scissors. You use your scissors to shape it more into the shape of a pancake. You spray paint it the same way you spray painted your giant pancake costume. You cute out a small 2 inch square from the foam and spray paint that yellow. Let them both dry for an hour and then glue the yellow 2 inch butter to the pancake.

If you don’t have a brown headband, you should spray paint your white headband brown at the same time as your spraying the small pancake and butter.

Once your headpiece pancake and brown headband is dry, you then glue them together with your glue gun.

DIY Ladies Pancake Halloween Costume Headpiece-Steps

I glued the pancake a little off center on my headband, but you can glue it on where ever you’d like.

DIY-Ladies Pancake Halloween Costume Headpiece

Let the headband dry and that’s it, your ladies Pancake Halloween Costume is done!

DIY Ladies Pancake Halloween- Costume Headpiece

How cute is that headband? I love how it came out!

DIY Ladies Pancake Halloween Costume Headpiece

Throw your hands in the air if you love pancakes as much as I do!

Ladies Pancake Halloween Costume Headpiece

Here is the complete look!

DIY Ladies Pancake Halloween Costume

You can raise your pancake up and just be a walking pancake!

Pancake Halloween Costume

You could also be a dancing pancake! How funny is this dancing pancake picture? Love it!

Dancing Ladies Pancake Halloween Costume

Once your costume is done, you can move on to making your matching dog costume.


First you take your brown elastic and wrap it around your dog to measure our the length you’ll need to wrap the elastic around it’s body. Once you have the correct length, you cut 2 strips it to size and then add your sticky Velcro to each side.

You then cut out two circles and 2 inch square from the foam. You turn these into pancakes the same way you made your head piece pancake.

You let them dry for an hour and then use your glue gun to glue the pancakes on to the brown elastics with Velcro. You should have a pancake on each side of your dog like in the picture below.

DIY Dog Pancake Halloween Costume-Step-1

These just Velcro easily around the waist of your dog. This makes it a very easy and comfortable costume for them to wear.

DIY Dog Pancake Halloween Costume-Step-2

As you can see, Mr. Pink is very happy wearing his costume.


It’s the most perfect and fun costume for ladies to wear for Halloween with their fur babies.

Ladies and Dog Pancake Halloween Costumes

I know Mr. Pink thinks it’s a very tasty costume with the way he’s licking his little lips.

DIY Dog Yummy Pancake Halloween Costume

I hope you enjoy this fun DIY Pancake Costume Idea for you and your fur babies! I have more of fun last minute costumes to share this weekend and next week. There is one last Ladies with their Fur Babies Costume coming so stay tuned! I also have some fun last minute costumes coming too like my favorite marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker tasty treat and some nostalgic costumes too. Think she’s truly outrageous, they stare with their bellies, and they were the best little pony toys ever! Nostalgia costumes are coming!

If you decide to make these fun costumes, be sure to share some pics with me by tagging me @BriteandBubbly on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat with hashtag #BandBHalloweenParDIY, so I can see all the fabulous Brite & Bubbly Costumes out there!

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