DIY Patch Covered Purses! Keeping My #Patchgame Strong!

DIY patch covered purse

Hey All!

Today I’m taking my #patchgame to another level with these amazing DIY Patch Covered Purses. I’m in love with them and I could not wait to share them with you all. I have been hoarding patches like a crazy person as I’m obsessed with them. I love them just as much as I love pins. The patch and pin collecting is a bit out of control I will admit. I’ve got quite a collection building up and you can see just some of them below. That’s not all the patches I had sad to say. I’m a patch hoarder and I’m not afraid to admit it. Since I’m also a shop-a-holic, I have been seeing all these patch covered purses around for ridiculous amounts of money. I refuse to pay hundreds for something I can make myself! I figured I have some awesome patches, I can make an amazing patch covered purse for myself and share it with you.


To make this fun and easy to make patch covered purse you’ll need:

DIY patchgame purse supplies



You can iron you patches onto your bag following the directions that come with your patches or you can just glue your patches on with some Fabric Fusion glue.

DIY patchgame purse steps

You simply organize the patches how you’d like them to look on each bag and begin to place some glue on the back of each patch. You’ll then stick the patches onto the bag in the position you’d like.

Easy DIY patch covered patchgame purse

I held them in the position for a few minutes to make sure the patches were stuck to the bag. I did three different bags since I love them so much!! I did a mean girls themed bag that you can see below.

DIY patch covered patchgame purse

I did a Gizmo/90’s themed bag that you can see below.

DIY patch covered patchgame purse Accessory

I paired it with my patch covered sweater of course.

Cute DIY patch covered patchgame purse

I also made a crafty random patch bag as well.

DIY patches covered purse

I think the mean girls one is my favorite!

If you make this bag you can definitely show of your strong patch game where ever you go! It’s a fun alternative to covering your jean jacket in patches.

I hope you enjoy these amazing patch covered bags as much as I do!

Don’t forget to make yourself some matching DIY Patch Sneakers too!



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    I love, love, love the patch trend, and these purses are adorable, much more interesting than any you’d find in a big box store. I actually found them (and your blog 🙂 on Pinterest. They’re such a sunny spot on my Bright Bags board. And yes, the Mean Girls one is my favorite too!