DIY Pineapple Love Macarons!


Hey All!

Before I kick off Easter today I had to share something I did last month. I snapped a picture of these for friends and family when I made them for Valentine’s Day and everyone went nuts over them. So I decided I would share how to make these adorable Pineapple Macarons with you as I feel they work for any day of the year and not just Valentine’s Day since they are so darn cute. They are also easy to make and taste amazing! I’m sure you all know I LOVE LOVE LOVE macarons with a passion. They are so hard to make though. One day I’ll make a batch of my own, but in the meantime here’s an easier way to make these.


To Make These You’ll Need:

First you take your brown food coloring pen and make the lines on the pineapples. Three lines going in either direction so they intersect and form diamond shapes.


Then you add your dots to the center of the diamond shape.


Boom you have a good looking pineapple.


Then you take your jumbo heart sprinkles and add a tiny bit of yellow icing to the back of them.


You then stick two of them onto the pineapple macaron to make big heart eyes.


You then draw on the mouth and that’s it you’re done! So darn cute don’t you think?


Here’s a little gif image to show you all the steps in motion! Boom Pineapple LOVE Macarons.


You could also add little kiss lip sprinkles to the pineapple macarons if you’d like to make some girly looking macarons…


Or you could add some nerdy sugar glasses to them to make some geektastic pineapple macarons.


Either way they all look amazing!


They were a huge hit at our Valentine’s Day tasty treats buffet I set out for me and my family.


I hope you enjoy these adorable DIY Pineapple Love Macarons as much as we do!

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