DIY #PINGAME Advent Calendar & Huge Pin Giveaway!


Hey All!

Every year I make a fun and unique advent calendar to count down to Christmas with. This year, I decided to take it up a notch and incorporate my pin obsession into this years DIY! I thankfully got the help of all my favorite pin designers to make it. This year I’m bringing you a DIY #PINGAME Advent Calendar! It’s filled with 25 amazing and colorful boxes that were designed by 13 of my favorite pin designers. I’m so obsessed with these designs, that I figured out not one but FIVE different ways you can make an advent calendar with these boxes! I’m also showing you a fun DIY way to display all your pins when you’ve gotten all your pins out of each box! You definitely want to read this entire post, as we’re also giving away ALL the 25 pins you see in this post in a MEGA Pin Giveaway! You can see how to enter at the end of this post!

To make this versatile advent calendar you’ll need:





First, you DOWNLOAD and PRINT THESE FREE PRINTABLE ADVENT CALENDAR BOXES! You then cut out each box carefully.


Assemble each box by folding along the lines and folding over each flap. You’ll tape the box together with your clear magic tape.


Once your boxes are assembled, you’ll then stick on your numbers to the front of each box.


You’ll do numbers from 1-25 to countdown to Christmas. Once you’ve got your boxes completely done with all the numbers on them, you can then fill the boxes.


You can fill the boxes with either pins, chocolate candies, and little erasers…


Or with cute pins and gummi bears!


Simply filling each box with some cute box filling and a pin is enough as well. How ever you decide to fill each box will be perfect!


Let me show you who decided each box and what pins I have in my boxes. First up are boxes 1-3, which I decided with my bestie Erik Buikema of We Are Extinct. We designed 3 holiday pins together this year and sadly the only pin we have left in stock is the Candy Cane Pin! We sold out in two days and I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing response we got for our pins.


The last 20 Gingerbread House and Christmas Pudding Pins will be sold at Pin Club and they are pre-ordering them HERE. In case you didn’t get to snag one this weekend!


The 4 and 5 box was designed by the amazing Unicorn Rockstar. They are filled with her CRUISIN’ POODLES PIN and GLITTER MIDGE THE POODLE PIN.


I’m obsessed with boxes 6 and 7 who were designed by Lulu Bloo! I can’t get enough of her Gizmo with the Santa Hat driving the Barbie Dream Car! It’s AMAZING! You can snag her GREMLIN GIZMO PIN and Love Bug Pin in her shop!


Box 8 was designed by Kayley Draws for her adorable castle pin. The pin will be in stock soon at her Etsy Shop HERE! Right now her cute cactus pin is in stock.


I’m also obsessed with boxes 9 and 10 who were designed by the incredible Bored Inc.! Hello they are themed after the most adorable POMERANIAN PIN EVER and Afro Cat with Sprinkles Pin. Everyone needs an afro-cat with sprinkles in their life!


Who else is obsessed with gumballs and the show Stranger Things?! I know I am and boxes 11 and 12 were designed by Punky Pins in honor of her awesome Gumball Machine Pin and Stranger Things Friends Don’t lie Pin!


The gold awesomeness of boxes 13 and 14 comes from my friends Wildflower + Co! They have the most amazing gold enamel pins including this Amazing Pink Poodle Pin and this fabulous Roller Skate Pin!


Boxes 15 and 16 are my throwback to my childhood boxes designed by the amazing Jade from Candy Doll Club! The shop is on vacay at the moment but will be opening back up for black friday weekend for a sale, you can snag yourself one of her amazing My Little Pony inspired pins and Bubble Tape pins!


My inner foodie rejoices with the 17 and 18 box designs. These super cute boxes were designed by iLoot Paperie and they were designed to match their Good Egg Pin and cute Gouda Pin!


Boxes 19 and 20 were made by the amazingly talented and super fun Lizzie Darden! She has turned making ice cream cones into fun hybrids an art form! Like this amazing Sloth Cone! And I love her Cheese Cake Pin too!

Boxes 21 and 22 encompass my two favorite shows in the history of ever Game of Thrones and Stranger Things and it was designed by the AMAZING Mighty Pop! They have the most awesome Jonny Snowcone Pin and Stranger Things Eleven Eggo Pin!


Boxes 23 and 24 were designed by the beyond awesome Queenie’s Cards in honor of her NEW incredible Holiday Pin line which you can find HERE! These are just two of the adorable pins you see below! She has so many cute pins like an adorable polar bear and gingerbread man too!


And last but not least box 25 is designed by my gal pal Wink Pins in honor of her super cute Pink Burger Pin!


Those are just 25 examples of amazing pins you can open up from these boxes, as you countdown to Christmas!

Now on to the DIY! You can make a tree out of these boxes…


You can stack them in a pyramid tree shape and count down that way as well!


This is the traditional shape of an advent calendar.


You can make large and small stacks of these boxes.



You can make a square gift shape by sticking all the boxes together and adding a bow to the top.


This is such a cute and simple idea!



You can turn it into a Christmas Wreath shape by sticking the edges of the boxes together and adding a bow to the bottom.


And last but not least, you can turn these boxes into little ornaments and hang them off your Christmas tree and open them up each day. You simply cut a piece of ribbon and tape it securely or glue it to the inside of the box. You fill and then hang them on your tree!


I put them on this mini tree just as an example, but all the boxes will easily fit on a regular sized Christmas tree.


How cute are they on a pink tree?!! Love it!


As you’re opening up your boxes, you can display your new amazing pins on some glitter trees! You can showcase how you’re keeping your #PinGame strong this holiday season with these babies. All you need is some card board or foam tree shapes, some craft glue, a brush, and some glitter.


You cover the tree shapes with craft glue and sprinkle the glitter onto the wet glue. Make sure it sticks all over the tree shapes so that it’s completely covered. You don’t want to see any color of the tree through the glitter.


As you open each box leading to Christmas, You can place your pin on the tree for safe keeping and to display your amazing growing pin collection.


How cute is that pin display?! I’m obessed with all these pins and this advent calendar. I hope you enjoy these fun and simple Holiday DIY’s as much as I do!

Also to help you fill your own advent calendar, I partnered with all the amazing designers you saw mentioned in this post to give away one of each pin you saw in this post!!! That’s right! It’s the ULTIMATE HOLIDAY #PINGAME GIVEAWAY!

One (1) winner will have the chance to win ALL 25 pins featured in this post! Yes you will ONE (1) of every pin you see in this post including our sold out holiday pins! How amazing is that?! It’s about a $300 value in pins and you get to take your #PinGame to a whole new level for the holidays!

Enter in the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to WIN!
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Don’t forget to come back for your daily entries and to see who won within 48 hours of giveaway end!

******Giveaway open to All. 18 and up! SORRY. Ends 12/4/16 at 11:59pm******

*****PRIZE Pins WILL BE FULFILLED by By each pin designer showcased. Each Designer will ship you their pins directly!*******


*****Good luck to All who enter and THANK YOU so much for entering!******

Thanks so much to all the amazing pin designers who are participating in this amazing giveaway!

You can also check out all of the pin shops featured in this post in our 25 Days of Pinmas Page! Check it out HERE or by clicking the image below!


You can shop all the pins you see here and find some more amazing pins at their shops!

I hope you have a happy and flair filled Holiday!

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