DIY PIXELS Movie Inspired Coasters & Giveaway!

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Hey All!

In honor of the fabulous movie PIXELS (which I finally got a chance to see), I wanted to make something fun to celebrate my love of the movie. I just got a slew of Perler Beads and I thought they would be perfect to make some PIXELS movie inspired coasters with our favorite 8 Bit character Pac-Man! I have never used Perler Beads before, so I got this kit from to turn them into my favorite Pac-Man characters. If you love the movie and what to make something edible to celebrate the film, check out these Killer Donkey Kong Cookies my friend Jen made over on Fandango. They are amazing! Donkey Kong also makes an appearance in PIXELS in case you didn’t know. You can also find these fun Stickers Inspired by PIXELS to make as well. Pac-Man is awesome in this film and you should definitely check it out in case you haven’t!


To Make these PIXEL’S Inspired Coasters You’ll Need:

  • Perler Beads in yellow, white, peach, black and blue colors.
  • Perler Base plate
  • Parchment paper
  • Iron
  • Tweezers

You can get all of the above minus the 8-Bit Images of Pac-Man and Ghosts and Iron in this kit I got from or you can buy them separately. I bought the kit and some extra Perler beads to get the colors I needed.

First you get your 8-Bit Images of Pac-Man and print them out. I literally just googled 8-Bit Pac-Man and a million photos showed up.

You then separate each color of Perler Bead you’ll need, if they aren’t separated already. This will help you put the design together faster.

PIXELS-Movie-Inspired- Coasters-7

You then take each Perler Bead and place them one by one on your clear Perler Base plate with your tweezer. You line each bead up by the color on your image and try to match up the image with your beads as best as you can. You place your beads until the design is formed. Once you have your complete design, you then place some parchment paper on top of the design.

PIXELS-Movie-Inspired- Coasters-6

You then iron the beads with the parchment paper on it with your iron for about 30 seconds. You can see the beads melt and fuse together as you iron.

PIXELS-Movie-Inspired- Coasters-5

Be careful as the beads get very hot when you iron them. Let the side that you ironed and fused together cool and then you flip it over and iron the other side. Let it cool completely and you’ll have yourself a cute little 8-bit Pac-Man Ghost coaster.

You repeat the same process to make the blue ghost and the Pac-Man coasters.

PIXELS-Movie-Inspired- Coasters-4

Once you’re done you’ll have 3 adorable little PIXEL inspired coasters.

diy-PIXELS-Movie-Inspired- Coasters

I placed a book on top of mine so they remained flat. That’s a little bonus tip when you’re making them!

PIXELS-Movie-Inspired- Coasters-Drinks

You can place your drinks on them and they are perfectly geek chic!

PIXELS-Movie-Inspired- Coasters-3

I have to say, they came out pretty good for my first time using Perler Beads.

PIXELS-Movie-Inspired- Coasters-1

Making these makes me want to go see PIXELS again. I also want to break out my old video games and get to playing all those classic games again.

DIY-PIXELS-Movie-Inspired- Coasters-mAIN

How cute are these folks?! I love them!

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