DIY Polly Pocket Inspired Costume!

Hey All!

We’re officially kicking off our Halloween Costume DIY’s this year with probably the cutest and most fun costume I’ve ever made! Behold the life size DIY Polly Pocket Inspired Costume! I worked on bringing to life my giant Polly Pocket toy with my amazing Graphic Designer pal Allison Romero! She and I are both obsessed with Polly Pockets and I had bought this Giant Heart bag from Dolls Kill. I immediately thought to myself, I need to turn this into a Polly Pocket for Halloween! It would be amazing! I pulled out my old Polly Pocket toys and sent over my inspiration to Allison and we made it happen.

This costume literally flips open and opens up to a complete Polly Pocket set inside with dolls. It’ also has a pool and pool floats of course! I can’t tell you how obsessed with it I am! I love how it came out. It’s not perfect but it’s beyond the point of cute and I love it!

Here is what you’ll need to make it, if you’d like to make one yourself for Halloween.

Sorry I didn’t take in process picks since I was rushing to get it done, but I’ll be giving very detailed instructions below!

First you’ll decide how you’d like to make your Polly Pocket compact. I made mine with the bag, but you can do it also how I mentioned above. I say get the bag to make your life easier! I first cut the bag inner sides out with my scissors, so the bag flipped open. I left about a 5 inch rectangle at the bottom to keep both sides of the bag together. This piece acts at the hinge for the Polly Pocket. I also carefully cut out all of the fabric lining and pockets of the bag.

I then downloaded and printed our Free Polly Pocket Inspired Printable onto printable stick on vinyl and cut out each piece carefully with my scissors. I placed the Polly Pocket wording on the front of my bag in the center.

Next I covered the front of the top half of the bag with pink vinyl and the bottom half with the light green vinyl. Make sure the vinyl reaches a little over the edge of the bag.

Next I cut out two yellow vinyl strips to divide each room on the top of the Polly Pocket. I made almost like an upside down T with the stripes.

I then stuck on each piece for each room like you see above and below. I then placed 2 Polly Pocket dolls in two of the rooms. One in the living room and one in the bathroom.

For the yard/pool area I cut out the pool and stuck it towards the left side of the bottom half. I then cut one large 4-5 inch wide strip of pink vinyl in the shape of walk way path and one thinner strip path way. I used my Cricut Craft Cutting machine to cut out oval shapes out of the fuchsia vinyl to stick onto the pink vinyl strips to make it look like stone pathways. If you don’t have a Cricut Craft Cutting machine to cut the pieces out for you, I included an oval shape template in the printable that you can use to cut the shapes out.

I also cut out some bush shapes from the dark green vinyl and stuck them around the pathways. You can see what it looks like when you open and close it below! Press play!

I then stuck on pool floats and all the cute fun in the sun pieces around the pool.

Lastly I stuck on the last little Polly Pocket doll near the main path way.

And that’s it! You’re done and you have yourself one adorable Polly Pocket costume! It’s super easy to make. It’s essentially just hacking a bag to look like a Polly Pocket and all you have to do is cut and stick on the pieces. Who doesn’t love playing with stickers? I know I do! Can you tell how much I love it below? It makes me want to kick my heels up and shout!

It’s such a fun throw back costume!

If you loved Polly Pocket growing up as much as I did, you’ll definitely need to make yourself this costume and have yourself a little throwback Halloween this year. I’m definitely reliving my childhood with this amazing costume!

Thanks so much again to Allison Romero for helping me bring my Polly Pocket costume dreams to life! Be sure to check out all her amazing designs on Instagram and on her website!

Stay tuned for more of our 2017 Halloween costumes coming at you all week! If you make this costume be sure to tag me @BriteandBubbly and use the hashtag #BUBBLYSQUAD so I can see how amazing you look in your Polly Pocket!

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