DIY Rainbow Chocolate Emoji Bark!

Hey All!

We’re keeping this #RainbowWeek Party going with another fun and easy to make rainbow themed DIY’s and Recipes. This one is a tasty treat that you may find a unicorn trying to eat up. How cute is this DIY Rainbow Chocolate Emoji Bark! It combines everything I love into one tasty treat! It’s got rainbow chocolate and rainbow sugar pieces, chocolate M&M’s Emoji pieces, candy bananas, a unicorn sprinkle mix, glitter stars, kiss kiss candy lips, it’s sprinkled with edible glitter and confetti! It’s the chocolate bark to end all chocolate barks. It’s almost too cute to eat!

I was obsessed with these Emoji M&M’s, so I figured I would make a bark that’s rainbow and encompasses all the Emojis I love to use!

Here is how to make it!

  • Chocolate Candy Melts in a variety of rainbow colors.
  • Emoji M&M’s. I got mine at Target and it looks like they don’t have anymore, but they have THESE, which are similar!
  • Sweetopolita Sprinkle Medley. Any of here rainbow mixed sprinkles!
  • Edible Rainbow Confetti.
  • Edible Gold Stars.
  • Edible Glitter.
  • Edible Banana Candy.
  • Sugar Rainbows.
  • Candy Lips.
  • Large Cookie Sheet Pan.
  • Parchment or Wax Paper.

First you melt your chocolates in separate bowls in the microwave for about 1-2 minutes. Stirring it as it melts. Once your chocolate is melted you can begin making your bark.

You’ll add each color on top of each other and form layers. You’ll then use your spoon to mix up the colors and give it a rainbow mixed look. You’ll them top it with Emoji M&M’s, Sprinkles, Rainbows, Banana Candies, Lip Candies, and what ever elese you want to throw on there!

You’ll place it all over the soft chocolate and it will look like it does below.

Put it in the fridge to harden for a few hours. Once your rainbow chocolate is completely hard, your fixings will be infused into the chocolate. You can then take a knife or a hammer and start breaking off pieces.

You can cut a variety of sizes of the bark. I used a knife to cut mine, so the breaks happened around the emoji faces and rainbows.

You can make a variety of large bark pieces…

And Small and Medium bark pieces! Once all your piece are broken up, sprinkle them with the edible confetti, stars, and glitter. That completes the magical look of the bark.

You stack them on a plate and serve it up! It’s sure to give you a major sugar rush! So that sweet tooth will be satisfied!

How cute is this little triangle piece above?! Too cute!

I can eat a ton of this bark, but I have to stop myself and try to be healthy. Everything in moderation folks!

I love how colorful it is! It’s the ultimate rainbow candy bark!

Serve it on some rainbow dishes and you’re golden!

Who wouldn’t love a piece of this colorful goodness? I know I do!

You can seal it up in some air tight containers to keep it fresh. You can grab a piece when ever you’re feeling like you need a rainbow tasty treat fix! Let your inner unicorn treat herself to this super colorful DIY Rainbow Chocolate Emoji Bark!

You can also make it to take with to go see the Emoji Movie that is coming out soon! It would be a fun themed treat for the movie!

I hope you love this rainbow chocolate goodness as much as I do!

Stay tuned for more fun rainbow DIY’s and Recipes coming to you all week! Tomorrow we’ve got Rainbow Emoji Cakes!!!!!

#RainbowWeek is in full effect and it may continue all summer long!

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