DIY Rainbow Emoji Mini Cakes!

Hey All!

I know we were supposed to finish off #RainbowWeek with these DIY Rainbow Emoji Mini Cakes, but I’ve had so many amazing and fun ideas for posts, I think I’m changing the hashtag to #RainbowSummer and sharing rainbow themed posts all summer long. How does that sound? Sounds like heaven to me. I can never get enough rainbow in my life and I hope it doesn’t annoy you! We’ll have ice cream, donuts, and more sprinkled in the middle of all the rainbow of course. I digress… Back to these amazing Mini Rainbow Emoji cakes. I am obsessed with the rainbow emoji and I knew I had to make something with them, so I decided to turn them into mini cakes. They are so small and colorful on the inside and out. Yes folks! The cake inside is rainbow too! LOVE IT! They are super tasty and I can eat probably 3 in one sitting if you let me! They are the perfect colorful tasty treat!

Here is how to make them:

First you mix up your cake mix and divide it into 6 bowls. You’ll the add your Red, Green, Purple, Yellow, Orange, and Blue Food Coloring to each bowl. Or you can mix up those already colored cake mix pouches. Once you have your cake mix colors ready, you spray your cake pans with a tiny bit of your nonstick cooking spray. You then pour in each color into the pans to make your rainbow cake. You bake it up according to your recipe or cake mix instructions, usually about 30 minutes.

Once your cakes are baked, you peel off the paper pans and cut them in half. You cut off some of the top of the cake to make them more flat. You’ll also cut an inch off one side of the cake to make it more like the shape of the rainbow emoji. You then mix up your colored frostings and start putting them in your pipping bags. Leave some red and purple to spread on the outside of the cakes.

You’ll first use your spatula to spread the red frosting onto the top outer part of the rainbow. You also spread some purple frosting to the inner bottom of the rainbow shaped mini cake. This can be messy and not perfect, as it’s just the base layer of your frosting. You’ll use your spatula to smooth it out as best as you can. You’ll place them in the freezer to harden up a bit and then begin to place on your final frosting and piping.

You’ll frost the outer top with red and bottom with purple again. You’ll use a clean spatula to smooth out the frosting.

You’ll then pipe out each color to form the rainbow emoji! The colors should be like the rainbow emoji you see below.

Rainbow on Apple iOS 10.3

Once you’re done piping on the colors, pick up the cakes with a flat clean spatula and place them onto your dishes or serving platters.

That’s it! You’re done! And you have yourself some super cute Mini Rainbow Emoji Cakes!

These would be perfect to serve at a rainbow themed party or just as some fun treats for a colorful cocktail party!

They aren’t 100%, as I’m not a professional cake decorator or pastry chef, but I think they are 100% cute as a button! You can’t go wrong with rainbow mini cakes that are entirely rainbow on the inside and out!

I hope you love them as much as I do!



Stay tuned for more fun rainbow themed DIY’s and Recipes coming at you all summer long! #RainbowSummer in full effect!

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