DIY Rainbow Gingerbread Shoppe & Matching Dog House!

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I don’t know about you, but the one thing I look forward to all year is decorating a gingerbread house. It’s so fun to create and I try to make it super colorful and unique each year. Last year, I made a gingerbread house that looked like the gingerbread house pin from our holiday pin line. This year, I’m thrilled to be partnering with Wilton to create this amazing DIY Rainbow Gingerbread Shoppe & Matching Dog House!

Can you even handle how cute these are? I’m obsessed with them! They took me about a day to do and they were pretty easy to make. I didn’t have to mix or bake anything, since everything came prepared. I decided to make it a Rainbow Gingerbread Shoppe instead of a traditional candy gingerbread house this year. I used ONLY Wilton products to make these, which shows they truly have everything you need to make the best gingerbread houses this holiday season. You can find everything you need to make these at Walmart!

Here is how I made these adorable gingerbread creations:

First, you take out your gingerbread house pieces from the boxes and place the icing inside the piping bags they come with. Make sure to put a piping tip and coupler into the bag before you place the icing in the bags. Tie off the ends with a rubber band.

You then proceed to assembling your houses. This is the tough part if you’re using icing. You have to ice the sides of your front house piece first and ice each side of the house to it. Let the icing harden and then do the same for the back piece. You have to make sure the icing has hardened on all sides of the house, so the house is secure before you put the roof on. If the icing is not hard, the roof will collapse the houses.

Once your house body is completely hardened and secure, you can put the roof on each house. Line the front and back edges on the house and under the roof with icing. Place one rainbow candy stick on each side of the front and back of the houses. You’ll have to cut them down to size for the dog house. You’ll also place 2-3 rainbow candy sticks down the center of the roof before the icing dries. You’ll hide each break between pieces with some icing.

You’ll add more icing to the tops of the rainbow candy stick pieces in the front, back, and underneath the roof pieces. You can make it look like icicles with the icing by squeezing a dollop of icing and holding in place as you pull you icing piping bag down. This pulls the icing down into an icicle shape.

Do this for each end of the rainbow candy sticks on your house and let them dry.

Next you’ll pipe some white icing onto the roof pieces of each house. You’ll use your spatula to spread the icing and make it smooth.

You’ll then place various colored gumdrops, which come with your gingerbread house kit, down the center of your house onto the rainbow candy sticks. You’ll glue each on with your white icing.

Next you’ll place some round ball candies and icicles onto the front of the house. You’ll secure them in place with some icing. You’ll let the icing harden up.

You’ll then move onto decorating the complete shoppe.

You’ll pipe swirling shapes and lines onto your roof with your various colored icings.

You’ll add round ball pieces in a row on each line of icing color on the roof.

You’ll also add candy and icing decorations to the roof like gumball machines, candy canes, candy pieces, and snowflakes to each side.

You’ll cut 4 one and half inch wide squares from your yellow fondant to make the windows and stick them onto each side of the house with icing. You’ll also make the window cross shape with your icing to complete the window.

You’ll use your hot pink fondant to make the door and stick it on with your white and purple icing. You’ll also stick a round candy piece to the door to make a doorknob. You’ll line the door with purple icing and colorful candy balls.

You’ll use your yellow and white icing to pipe a window onto the door. You’ll also use your white icing to lay the colorful candy brick pathway to the door. You’ll line the pathway with small gumdrops and icing.

Next you’ll cut out a small circle from your yellow fondant and make a window with your purple and white icing. You’ll also glue it on with your icing.

You’ll place the rainbow swirl peppermint icing decoration on the center of the front of the house above the door.

Lastly, you’ll stick on the little gingerbread mean to the front and sides of the house. I also put the little free samples sign on the front of the house too!

On the back of the gingerbread shoppe, I placed the giant snowglobe, some little gingerbread men, and another rainbow peppermint icing decoration.

In front of the house I stuck the candy cane lane and gingerbread shoppe signs onto a rainbow candy stick with white icing and let it dry. I stuck it to the ground with icing and put a little dollop of icing on the top of the stick.

That completes the gingerbread shoppe! You now move onto your dog house!

You do the same process as you did for the gingerbread shop, except for the dog house you only pipe on red swirls. You stick the gumdrops down the center of the roof and the multicolored balls to the roof.

You also add some of the little bone candies that come with the kit to the roof.

You add some little gingerbread men to the front, some icing decoration windows to the sides, and a rainbow peppermint icing decoration to the front.

Lastly, you’ll add your little dog piece to the door with some bone candies…

And you’ll put his toy stash in the back of the dog house.

You’ll pipe on icing to make it look like icicles all around the dog house roof and you’re done!

Add some shaved coconut to make the snow and you’ve got yourself the cutest gingerbread houses for the holidays! That’s how I made these two adorable little gingerbread treats.

If you want to make the process go a little faster, you can also glue the house pieces together with Wilton Candy Melts, which will harden faster than the icing.

That’s a little gingerbread house pro tip!

These two are so fun and colorful! I also love how sweet they smell on display in our home. Nothing beats the smell of tasty sweet treats for the holidays!

I hope you love this Rainbow Gingerbread Shoppe and matching Rainbow Dog House as much as I do! I’m sure it will be a big hit in your home as well!

Thanks so much to Wilton for sending all these amazing products for me to make these amazing gingerbread treats with!

Check out Wilton on Instagram and their website for more fun Gingerbread House ideas and supplies. Also check out your local Walmart for awesome Wilton Gingerbread House supplies!

Thanks for supporting the amazing brands like this one that help keep this Brite & Bubbly party going!

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