DIY Red, White, & Blue Giant Bomb Pop Piñata Cake & Giveaway!


Hey All!

I’m super excited to finally share my fun collaboration with The Original Bomb Pop! The fab folks at Bomb Pop asked me to host a little fiesta with a DIY inspired by this fun summer treat. I loved the idea! We just had July 4th and I’m all about the Red, White, and Blue right now. Just so you know, there is only one kind of Bomb Pop and that is The Original, Authentic Bomb Pop. There are many red, white and blue ice pop knock offs sold in grocery stores, but there is only one Original Bomb Pop! It has multiple flavors in one (Cherry, Lime, and Blue Raspberry) and features the Red, White, and Blue colors with the iconic rocket shape. There is nothing like eating a delicious Bomb Pop on a warm summer day! You have to make sure you’re getting the right one. I digress…


I wanted to celebrate my love of Bomb Pops in a big way (pun intended), so I decided to make a Giant Bomb Pop Piñata Cake and have a little Red, White and Blue Bomb Pop themed fiesta to go along with it! How awesome is this cake folks? It came out pretty good for my first time making one. It wasn’t too difficult to make either. Here’s how you can make your own.


To Make The Giant Bomb Pop Piñata Cake You’ll Need:

  • Store Bought Cake Mixes in Red, White and Blue and the ingredients to make the batters (My mixes used oil, water, and egg whites). If you prefer to make your cake from scratch, you can do that as well and just add red, white, and blue food coloring.
  • 2 Red, 2 White, 2 Blue, and 1 Milk Chocolate Frosting Containers. (Mine was store bought as well. It’s all about saving time for me folks!)
  • A Variety of Red, White and Blue Sprinkles
  • 4 Inch Round Cookie Cutter
  • 12 x 18 Inch Long Sheet Cake Pans
  • Cooking Spray
  • Spatulas
  • Sharp Knife

First you mix up your cake mixes in red, white and blue.


Make sure they are mixed up well and the batter is very smooth. You spray your sheet cake pans with some cooking spray. You can also use butter if you don’t have cooking spray. You want to make sure your cooking spray covers every inch of the pan, so your cake won’t stick to it.


You bake it for about half the time it says to bake it on your cake mix boxes. Since the sheet cakes are thinner, they will cook faster than a round cake pan or cupcakes. Once they are all baked, let them cool completely for about 20 minutes on cooling racks.

Once the cakes are cool you then begin to stack the cakes, while icing them with each corresponding color. Blue frosting with the blue cake, etc.


Before you put the white frosting on the white layer of cake, you take your round cookie cutter and place in the center of the cake about 3.5 inched from the top of the cake.


You cut out a hole and take the cake out of it. You fill the hole with a variety of red, white and blue sprinkles. This is what gives the cake the piñata effect.


You then place your white frosting on the cake and add the top red cake layer. Once all your layers are together, you then cut off the side and about 2 inches off the bottom. Try to make your cuts as straight as possible. Save a 2-3 inch piece of the side piece you cut off as that will later become your stick for your Bomb Pop cake.


You then take your round cookie cutter and cut off each side of the top of the cake to get the rocket shape. You then take your knife and cut down those pointed edges to make it have a more rounded look.


You then take your spatulas and proceed to frost the large Bomb Pop top of the cake with your red, white and blue frosting. Use multiple spatulas, so you don’t mix the colors as you frost. You want to keep your white looking white! You frost your 2-3 inch piece of cake you saved with the milk chocolate frosting.


When you’re done frosting you will have your amazing Giant Bomb Pop Piñata Cake! It’s the bomb folks! It tastes as good as it looks.


It’s the perfect tasty treat to serve along some awesome Bomb Pop frozen treats!


When you slice the cake open, all the fun sprinkles pour out of it.


How amazing does the red, white and blue cake look inside the cake with all those sprinkles. It’s fantastic!


My table settings for the party were also red, white and blue of course.


We even had Bomb Pop spoons to eat our cake with! How cute are those!


Each slice of cake is perfectly festive for a Bomb Pop fiesta.


Let’s not forget it tastes great with some Bomb Pops.


I had the Bomb Pops on the table ready for all to grab with their cake.


I could probably eat a box of these frozen pops by myself if you let me. They are so good! I’ve loved them since I was a kid!


I also have to mention some of the decor for my Bomb Pop party, since it was pretty darn cute. For example, this stuffed little happy Bomb Pop made an appearance on the table.


The fab folks at Bomb Pop sent me this fabulous beach towel, which I draped over out kitchen table bench to add to the Bomb Pop fiesta mood.


We had a giant Bomb Pop balloon…


Along with some giant USA balloons, because nothing says USA like a good old Original Red, White and Blue Bomb Pop!


Giant Bomb Pop Balloons, a Giant Bomb Pop Cake, and some frozen Original Bomb Pop treats make for one fabulous summer fiesta.


We had a blast! Let me not forget to mention the Bomb Pop headband I was wearing through out the party. Love it!


I hope you enjoy making this DIY Red, White, & Blue Giant Bomb Pop Piñata Cake as much as I did.


You can run out to your local Ralphs, Pavilions or Vons in the Los Angeles, CA area and snag some amazing The Original Bomb Pops for yourself as well.


Are you now feeling inspired to have your own Bomb Pop fiesta? We can help you with that since we decided to have a little Giveaway to help you host your own fiesta! Thanks to the folks at The Original Bomb Pop we’re giving away a fun Prize Pack!

One of my fabulous readers will have the chance to win a Bomb Pop Prize Pack that includes:

  • Two (2) Free Bomb Pop product coupons
  • 1 beach towel
  • Stickers
  • A Bomb Pop hat
  • And One $25 Safeway/Vons/Pavilions gift card. (The Gift Card can be used at any of these grocery stores!)

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Enjoy your DIY Red, White, & Blue Giant Bomb Pop Piñata Cake and Bomb Pops everyone!


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