DIY Retro Digital Pet aka Tamagotchi Pet Easter Eggs!

Hey All!

Kicking off our Throwback nostalgic Easter Egg DIY’s with these DIY Digital Pet aka Tamagotchi Easter Eggs! How cute are these folks?! I know I used to love my digital pet when I was a kid and I would be devastated when it died on me. I felt like the worst pet parent when that happened. I’m sure you all know about the digital pet guilt that came with taking care of your digital pets. Thankfully, it wasn’t a real reflection of my pet parenting skills. I was brainstorming what I can turn into Easter Eggs this year and this seemed like a no brainer. Here is how to make these super easy eggs.

You can make these with regular hard boiled eggs, plastic surprise eggs, or paper maché surprise eggs like I did.

First you have to Download This Free Printable! Once you have that downloaded, you then print it onto your printable vinyl.

After you print it onto your printable vinyl, you can either cut the pieces out with your scissors or you can use a craft cutting machine to cut them out like a Cricut.

After you have all your pieces cut out, you then paint both sides of your eggs with your paints. You let them dry completely for about an hour. Once your eggs are dry you can then begin to stick on your digital pet pieces.

You stick the screen on to the front and 3 dots to the bottom. You can then add the little decorations around the egg as desired.

That’s all you have to do to make these fun and simple to make throwback Easter Eggs. Fill them with your favorite Easter treats and place them in some Easter baskets.

You could also hand these out as Easter gifts to your peeps or have them on display for the holiday. Either way they work just great! As you can see I put them on display with some of my favorite childhood toys and you are also getting a sneak peek of what’s to come this week! Those Gizmo Easter Eggs are my favorite and the Furby is so on point!!!

Stay tuned for more fun Throwback to my favorite childhood toy Easter Eggs coming at you all week!

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