DIY ROSÉ Drink Can Costume!

Hey All!

Since it’s Friday, I figured I’d hit you with this DIY ROSÉ Drink Can Costume! It’s the weekend and you need some bubbly to celebrate right? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been obsessed with those little ROSÉ cans. I was drinking them all summer. My favorite is from Barefoot Wine, so I decided to make a Halloween costume out of it. I’m going to #RoseAllDay in this ROSÉ can costume! It’s even complete with flamingo straw! You have to have a flamingo straw when your drinking your ROSÉ!

I had to make a bubbly costume because hello… I’m Brite & Bubbly and bubbly is our official drink! Here is how to make it!

First you cut out the bottom of your pink pop up hamper with your scissors or a box cutter. You need to cut it out so you can slip your feet through. You then wrap your white felt or fleece fabric around your pink hamper and glue it on with your hot glue gun.

Next you cut out two strips of iridescent vinyl to line the top and bottom of the white fabric with. Glue the pieces in the back where the strip ends meet with a tiny bit of hot glue, so it’s secure.

Then you Download Our Free ROSÉ Printable Costume Pieces and Templates! Print the round ROSÉ Spritzer All Day emblem and foot onto some of this Printable Stick On Vinyl.

Using your Cricut cutting machine cut out the words “Barefoot, ROSÉ, and All Day!” out of your black and magenta stick on vinyl. If you don’t have a Cricut cutting machine, you can use the templates in our free printable to cut out the letters. Stick on your words to the white fabric how you see above.

You also use your Cricut cutting machine to cut out circle shapes in various sizes to look like bubbles. You stick those along both sides of the costume. The can part of the costume is done and now you can move onto the head piece.

First you measure out the White Scallop Edge Border Roll around the 10 inch Cake Board, making sure it wraps all the way around the circle cake board. You then use your scissors to cut off the scallop edge making it straight strip. Hot glue the strip onto the round cake board.

You then cut out the can opener flap piece from your cardboard using your scissors and box cutter. Be careful as you cut this piece out!

Cute a little circle piece from the cardboard as well and bend it in half. This acts as a piece to prop of the can opener flap. Take all your hat pieces which are now glued together and cut out and spray paint them silver with your silver spray paint. Make sure you do all spray painting outside.

Hot glue the prop up circle piece and can opener flap piece to your circle lid piece with hot glue. Take your empty paper towel tube or cut your wrapping paper roll down to your desired size and wrap it with your pink vinyl to make the straw.

With your scissors, cut out the flamingo shape from the pink card stock and use your box cutter to cut two slits down the middle that make a flap wide enough to fit around your straw piece. Cut your the flamingo beak and eye from the black cardstock and glue both on to the flamingo piece. Slip the flamingo over your straw piece and pull it through the can opening piece. Glue the straw onto the cap piece. Glue the entire head piece onto a head band with your hot glue gun and you’re done!

This costume was a little bit of work to do, but I’m obsessed with the giant flamingo straw! I hope you love this bubbly costume as much as I do!

Stay tuned for more of our 2017 Halloween costumes coming at you all week! If you make this costume be sure to tag me @BriteandBubbly and use the hashtag #BUBBLYSQUAD so I can see how amazing you look in your Polly Pocket!

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