DIY Santa Pup Doggy Treat Gift Idea! #TreatThePups


Hey All!

Dogs shouldn’t be left out when presents are being handed out. We should never forget to #TreatThePups during the holidays! Hence why each year I fill a stocking or make a fun DIY project to gift not only our dogs but the dogs of our family and friends as well. Mr. Pink has a lot of doggy friends and he doesn’t like to forget them during the holidays. Yes dogs can have friends and give gifts to each other too. In our neighborhood we have our own little Secret Santa and this year I decided to make some Santa Pup Dog Treat Boxes to hand out to Mr. Pinks fury friends and relatives.


To Make These Adorable Santa Pup Dog Treat Containers You’ll Need:

  • A Santa Belt Themed Treat Container Which I got online
  • Some Red, White, and Black Sticky Back Stiffened Felt Sheets
  • Scissors
  • Tissue Paper
  • And some amazing Milk Bone dog treats


All you have to do is cut out the shapes of some small eyes, dogs ears, a nose, a Santa hat, and his beard and mouth.


Once you have all your pieces cut, you stuff the container with some tissue paper and fill it with some Milk Bone Dog treats.


You then stick all the felt pieces to the container top to make the Santa Pup face. You then place the lid on the container and that’s it. You have yourself an adorable Puppy themed Holiday gift!


I mean how cute is this Santa Puppy? Too cute!


It takes like 5 minutes to make this simple DIY Doggy Holiday Gift.


The pups are sure going to love their holiday gifts this year I’m sure.


Mr. Pink can’t wait to get out there and become Santa Pink as he hands out his Santa Pup Treat Boxes to his friends.


He’s going to be the most popular dog on the block!


Super cute and so perfect for the Holiday Season! We can’t forget our fury friends!


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I hope you enjoy this fun and easy DIY Holiday Doggy Gift Ideas!

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Everyone!


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