DIY Sharknado Drink Stirrers & a Sharktistic Drink Recipe!

DIY Sharknado Drink

Hey All!

Tonight is Sharknado 4 and we’re having a little marathon party since Syfy is showing all the movies leading up to the new film. I’m so excited. I love Sharknado!! Since we’re having a little fiesta, I thought I would share the fun DIY Sharknado Drink Stirrers & Sharktistic Drinks we’re sipping on to go with these Shark Cupcakes and Chocolate Sharks! These stirrers are so easy to make and the drinks are super tasty. Pair it with my Sharknado 4 swag and I’m ready for one awesome new Sharknado Movie! The countdown has begun!

DIY Sharknado Drink Stirrers & Sharktistic Drink


For the Drink Stirrers:

  • Small Wooden Skewer Sticks
  • Double Sided Tape or Glue Dots
  • Our Free Printable Sharnados Which You Can Download HERE!

For The Sharktastic Drinks (Makes 2 Drinks):

  • 1 Cup Raspberry Flavored Blue Vodka
  • 1 Cup Sprite
  • 1 Pinch of Lime Juice
  • Redi Whip Cream for Topping
  • Blue Straw


First you make your drink stirrers by printing out your printable Sharnados, Which You Can Download HERE! You cut these out with either your scissors or your Cricut Cutting machine.sharknadodrinkstirers

Once you have your sharknados cut out, you stick them to your wooden skewer sticks with some double sided tape or glue dots. And that’s it! You’re done with the stirrers.

DIY printable Sharknado Drink Stirrers

To make the drink in a large ice filled pitcher mix your 1 Cup Raspberry Flavored Blue Vodka, 1 Cup Sprite, and a Pinch of Lime Juice.


DIY Sharknado Drink Stirrers

Mix up the drink and then pour into your glasses. Top the drink off with some whipped cream topping so it kind of looks like water. Place your Sharknado drink stirrer and blue straw into the drink and serve!

DIY Sharknado Drink Stirrers and Sharktistic Drink

You have yourself one easy drink you can throw together quickly today before Sharknado 4! I’ve got my Comic Con Sharknado 4 swag ready to wear and party with as I watch this awesome new Sharknado!

I hope you enjoy these drinks and stirrers as much as I do!

Woot! Sharknado!!!