DIY Toaster Pastry Christmas Stockings!

Hey All!

Today we’re sharing our first DIY stocking idea for the holidays! Check out these DIY Toaster Pastry Christmas Stockings! How fun are these folks?! They are so fun and super easy to make! You can make them in like 5 minutes and have a pretty sweet stocking for the holidays. Pun intended! If you’re a huge fan of Pop Tarts or love nostalgic foodie DIY’s, you’ll love this stocking idea!

Here is how to make it!

To make the white toaster pastry stocking, all you have to do is cut out a piece of white fleece fabric that matches the size of your stocking. You can use your stocking as template to get the shape. Make sure to not cut your stocking as you cut the fleece white fabric.

Cut as swirling pattern along the edge of the fleece to cut it down in size and to make it look more like the icing on a toasty pastry. You then glue it onto your stocking with your hot glue gun.

Lastly, you glue on your pom poms and you’re done!

You do the exact same thing with the pink fleece to make the pink toasty pastry stocking.

Let your stockings glue dry completely before hanging.

Fill them with your favorite stocking stuffers or some Holiday themed Pop Tarts and enjoy your fun new Christmas stockings!

Super simple to make right?! Love them!

Hope you love these DIY Toaster Pastry Christmas Stockings as much as I do!

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