DIY Toaster Pastry Costume!


Hey All!

Here is another fun foodie Halloween costume post for you today! We’re keeping this foodie costume train going today! This is the second of the three we are sharing today and you don’t want to miss any of them! We’re sharing three because we couldn’t wait to share all these cute foodie costumes we worked so hard to bring you this week. We want to put them out in the world as soon as possible. First I shared the DIY Frosted Animal Cookie Costume and now I’m sharing this fun DIY Toaster Pastry Halloween Costume! It’s so much fun and very simple to make. I know it looks complicated, but it really isn’t I promise. It also doesn’t weigh much either, so you’ll be very comfortable wearing all day or night long on Halloween! Woot! You’ll definitely be the life of the Halloween parties you go to if you wear this costume. You’ll own the dance floor as you boogie in your super sweet toaster pastry outfit!

So sorry in advance that I did not take step by step photos on how to make it, But it’s pretty simple to make just following the instructions I am sharing here.

To make this costume you’ll need:



To make this costume you’ll first roll out the thin green form and measure it along your body, so you can figure out how long you’d like the toaster pastry to be when you have it on. With your marker you’ll mark where your head will be in the center of the foam. You then cut the foam down on one side to cut it to the size you’d like it to be. You’ll then cut a mouth bite shape where you marked for your head to come out of. You’ll use your scissors to cut a line of circle to look like a bite.

Once the bite looking hole is cut our you can then take the foam outside or to a well ventilated area so you can spray paint the entire piece of foam with your spray paints. You’ll first spray paint it with your Sahara Beige spray paint and cover the edges and all of the front side of your toaster pastry with this color. You don’t have to spray paint the inside as you’ll be covering it up. You’ll let that layer of color dry for 15 minutes. Make sure your foam doesn’t stick to the surface that your spray painting on as well. You can make sure it doesn’t buy turning the foam as it’s drying.

You then spray on the Toffee spray paint to complete the toaster pastry color look of the foam. Let the foam dry and begin cutting your pieces of felt.


You’ll cut 5-6 strips of the magenta felt to make the toaster pastry icing going across. You can cut it in zig zag shapes so it looks like frosting.


You cut two identical rectangular pieces of the light pink felt for the frosting of the toaster pastry. You can do this by folding over one large piece of the light pink felt. I cut two pieces and layered them because my felt was a bit thin and you could see the brownish color of the foam coming through it. With two pieces layered it stays a thick solid light pink color. Round out the edges of the light pink felt so it looks more like frosting.

Lastly you cut out oval like shapes to look like sprinkle pieces from your sticker felt. You’ll cut a variety of colors to look like a mix of sprinkle colors.


With your glue gun you glue on the light pink frosting felt piece first on to your foam piece. Then you’ll glue on the magenta icing, followed by the sprinkles. The sprinkles you’ll just peel the backing off and stick them onto the pink felt in a variety of directions. They have a sticky back, so they self glued to your light pink felt. You can also add a small dab of glue from the glue gun to make the sprinkles extra secure if you’d like.

Once all your pieces are glue to the foam piece and it looks like a toaster pastry, you’ll then flip it over. You essentially line the inside with your costume with the stretchy silky hot pink or magenta fabric. You’ll make a small bunch of the fabric stick out of the head hole, so it looks like the toaster pastry jelly inside. I meant to line the whole inside of the costume of my own costume, but I ran out of fabric. So the calculations of in the supplies listed above of 2 yards of the fabric should more than cover yours. Or you can just glue some of the pink fabric around the head opening, so it looks like the jelly as well. That’s what I did! Either way is fine as you can see in my pictures.

Glue a small piece of brown elastic to each side of the inside of your costume to keep the front and back flaps from flopping up as you move. And that’s it! You’re done! You have yourself one super cute and fun toaster pastry costume.


Can you tell I love this costume? It’s the best to dance around in!


It’s beyond fun and it will surely be a hit when you where it on Halloween. People were stopping to take pics of me when I was wearing it to get these shots in front of my favorite fun wall.


Who doesn’t love a cute dancing toaster pastry? Am I right?!


I hope you enjoy this super cute and easy to make DIY Toaster Pastry Halloween Costume as much as I do!

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If you decide to make it, be sure to share a picture on any of your social channels and tag it #BubblyCostumeTime so I can see! I love seeing all my fabulous readers making our tutorials! It’s going to be a tasty treat kind of Halloween!

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