DIY View Master Toy Mommy and Me Halloween Costume!

Hey All!

As you all know we’re all about the throwback toys and reliving our childhood through our DIY’s. I’ve turned everything into Care Bears, Gizmo, Treasure Trolls, and more. Today I’m thrilled to share this super awesome Halloween costume idea that I can’t tell you how excited I am that I got to do it. It’s a toy I used to love as a kid and got the idea to do it last year but couldn’t because I was preggers with the baby. I’m thrilled to share our Mommy and Me View Master Inspired Costume! This is the best! I’m thrilled with how it came out as I didn’t think I could pull it off honestly. This costume would honestly be better with a 2 or 3 year old, as you can’t hold a baby while you’re in this costume unless you have them in a carrier.

Just wanted to share that because that’s why you see us sitting in ever picture. He can’t walk or stand on his own yet. This would also go great with some of our other toy costume that we’ve made like the Care Bear, Polly Pocket, or the pound puppy costume we made. You can make this a girlfriends or family costume with all of those costumes.

Sorry I didn’t take in process shots, but I’m going to go into great detail on how you make it!

First I started with the easiest pieces first. I made the handle leaver that you pull down to look through each film slide. I took a 6 inch round paper plate and traced a circle onto one piece of the orange craft foam. I left the circle I drew open and then drew two curving lines to make it look like the handle. I place a piece of cardboard and another piece of orange craft foam underneath it and cut the pieces out together with my scissors.

I then glued all the pieces together to make the lever.

I then cut out two black round circles from the black craft foam. I then cut out the red square like pieces from the red poster board to make the eye holes. I glued the black circles I cut onto those pieces. I cut a strip of the red poster board to go behind the two eye hole pieces to home them together.

I glued the eye hole pieces onto that strip of red poster board. I then cut out the two pieces to make the body of the view master. You simple just cut a oval like piece from the top of a whole piece of red poster board. You also cut like an inch off each side in a round motion with your x-acto knife.  You curve up the edges and you’ve got your body pieces.

You then cut two rectangular pieces to put inside to hold the front and back body pieces together. You hot glue the rectangular pieces to the inside of the front and back body pieces. You do one for each side and let the glue harden.  You then cut a large rectangular piece of the red poster board that stays about the length it comes in. You just round up the edges and glue it to the front piece with your hot glue gun.

Next you cut an oval shape from your holographic vinyl and stick it onto the oval red poster board piece you just cut. You then cut two T like shapes from the black craft foam and hot glue it to each side of the oval front piece.

Next you glue red craft foam around the oval piece to complete the front of the view master. You then glue on the lever handle to the inside of the front piece.

Lastly you glue on two red ribbons to hold the costume up to the inside of the the front and back pieces of the costume. I put clear packing tape over the ribbon to double secure the ribbons and glue. That’s it! You’re done making the view master piece. Now we move onto the film!

The film you will print this Free Printable onto printable sticker paper. Now I put my photos into the film in photoshop before I printed mine. If you have skills with a photo editing software you can do that or you can cut out the empty slots with an x-acto knife and stick your own photos behind the empty slots and then stick each piece onto your gray craft foam.

Once you stick it onto your craft foam you then cut the circle to make the film. You then glue a rainbow ribbon to the back and make sure it’s long enough to fit around your child’s head. You can also stick some velcro to the end of one side of the ribbon to make it adjustable.

Once you finish the film reel you’re really done!

You made yourself a fun Mommy and Me viewmaster costume that you can work this Halloween!

I’m going to be working this costume at lots of parties! I have no shame and don’t care how big it is!

I’m going to be strutting my stuff and pushing that stroller as I wear this costume!

I know this one is one of the more difficult costumes to make but it’s worth it folks! At least I think it is!

I hope you love this costume just as much as I do! If you make it be sure to tag me @BriteandBubbly so I can see!

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Have some Throwback Costume Fun everyone!