Do You Netflix Cheat? I do!

Hey All!

Today, I’m partnering with the amazing folks at Netflix to ask you one simple question. Do you Netflix cheat? Some of you may be asking, what the heck to you mean by Netflix cheat. I mean that when a new show or movie launches on Netflix, like the upcoming show Marvel’s Iron Fist, and your hubby or family tell you to wait to watch it with them. You tell them you’ll wait and secretly start watching it behind their backs. Come on! You know you’re guilty of doing it. I know I am! Whether you’re sneaking in another episode after bedtime or watching ahead of your partner and pretending to act surprised later, Netflix cheating is a crime that anyone in the family can commit.

I’m a Netflix cheating criminal and I’m not ashamed to say it. I wish I knew how to quit you Netflix! I just can’t wait to see their shows. I honestly love binge watching everything and anything on Netflix now-a-days. I enjoy it more than I like going to the movies. It’s impossible for me to wait for someone to watch something when I want to watch it. I also can’t stop watching whenever I start binge watching on a new show. It’s my thing and don’t judge me for it. I’ll put on my fangirl pin and Netflix pin and snuggle up in my fur blanket, sip on some pink hot chocolate from my emoji mug and turn on the Netflix. No one can talk to me or ask me for anything until the show is done. I get up for food and bathroom breaks, but I go all night and I binge hard. I can’t help it if I cheat and keep watching when I’m asked not to. I HAVE to keep watching until it’s over. I can’t wait to do it for Iron Fist!

If I tell someone I’ll wait to watch it, I tell them I did even though I didn’t. I’ll sneak and watch it on my iPad or on my computer, so they’ll never know I watched it.

It’s a sad the extremes I’ll go through to keep watching a show, but it has to be done. No one will stop me from binging when I want to binge!

Right now I’m going to watch this new Trevor Noah comedy special, which I told my hubby I would wait to watch with him. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him and the jokes will still be funny when I watch it with him again!

So tell me? Are you a Netflix cheater? Leave your cheating stories in the comments below!

A huge thanks to Netflix for allowing me to be a part of their amazing Stream Team this year! Can you tell I’m happy about it?

And yes I do own a giant Netflix and no you can not have it!

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  • Being post menopausal,I have stayed a very late night owl!Usually up till at least 2:30 a.m.EVERY night!!Am ALWAYS the first to complete any Netflix series!We absolutely get our $’sworth!LOVE Netflix!Was very ill and bedridden for like 4 freakin years,Netflix was my bestie!!I So earned a giant Netflix card!Lol!Those indie flicks are the best.