Dole Fruit Squishems Are The Perfect Summer Snack! #DoleSquishems

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Hey All!

Have you heard of the new DOLE Fruit Squish’ems fruit pouches? They are a great new portable snack you can throw in your kid’s lunches, diaper bags and or purses to have delish’ish and nutritious snack for your kids on hand. Each pouch contains a full serving of all-natural fruit, and is only 60 calories. How fantastic is that! What’s even better is new DOLE Fruit Squish’ems are BPA, GMO, and Gluten free. They also have No high-fructose corn syrup in them! From orchard to pouch, new DOLE Fruit Squish’ems are made with fresh apples only from the USA. I love that I don’t have to worry about our kids eating some fake processed foods disguised as fruit. I only try to give our kids natural things to eat and these are great!


New DOLE Fruit Squish’ems are available in three yummy flavors, including:

  • Apple
  • Apple Mixed Berry
  • Apple Strawberry

New DOLE Fruit Squish’ems come in easy-to-use pouches and are an easy, great-tasting, convenient snack that kids and moms will love. They are perfect to help you enjoy more “Mami and Me” time this summer. You can easily hand them to your kids when you our at amusement parks, the movies, street fairs, the beach, or roadtrips. Kids can hold onto them and eat them easily. What’s even better is there is no mess and you can simply throw out the package when you’re done. They are the perfect travel snack and honestly I would rather them eat some kind of fruit snack that anything else.

We love the Apple and Apple Strawberry flavor in our home. Anything with Apples and Strawberries is usually a big hit with the kids. I will admit I even snack on them from time to time. They are good for the whole family.


If you’re looking for a great snack for you and or your kids this summer check out the New DOLE Fruit Squish’ems.

This delicious, new snack is available at retailers nationwide for an average price of only $2.99 per package! You can’t beat that price for a great healthy snack for the kids.