Dollar General Has All Your Favorite Pet Products!

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Hey All!

I’m always in search of great deals and great products for our pets. I usually search at our usual pet stores and never thought to try a dollar store. When I think of dollar stores I usually don’t think of them really having the products I want and use for our pets. How wrong I was! I recently visited a Dollar General Store and realized they have all the products I know and love for our pets.

Did you know you can get all your favorite MARS® Petcare products at Dollar General? I had no idea you could get the products you love at great prices at Dollar General. You could stock up on the products you love and not have to break your bank account.

They have lots of amazing products from Pedigree® for dogs and Temptations® for cats. I know our dogs love Pedigree® treats so being able to get them at a good discount is a real bonus.

Also if you buy $10 worth of Pedigree or Temptations petcare products, you will receive a coupon for a FREE book! And when a shopper redeems their coupon for the FREE book, MARS® Petcare will donate $1 to the Dollar General Literacy Foundation to support Dollar General’s literacy initiatives. How cool is that!

When you shop you can also do something good for the literacy of children. It’s all the more reason for me to want to go to Dollar General to shop! It’s such a great idea and it’s great to know that other places carry the products you love.

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