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Hey All!

As you know from my previous post being charitable is something I hold dear to my heart, especially when it comes to helping children in need. Thanks to the Champions for Kids Campaign I got to donate to an organization this week that helps many kids get some amazing art supplies by using my knowledge of “Couponing” for Children in need. I donated enough Art supplies to help at least 10 kids to my favorite local Organization Children Mending Hearts! I learned from Loria, my contact at the organization, that my donation will be going to the Boys and Girls club of South Central, Los Angeles. The kids there are working on photography and collages so they could use Art supplies very much!

Again this organization is dedicated to empowering disadvantaged youth through educational and arts programs. I really loved that I had this opportunity to help with using my coupons for good to help others. To help kids of all people is extremely worth it to me. I got everything ready to go to the organization.

I got everything into the car.

And then drove off to find the location of the main headquarters for the organization where I would hand Loria off my donation. And no I was NOT driving when I took this picture. I took it right before I turned the ignition.

I finally got to the location and couldn’t find parking any where near it, so I decided I’ll park as close as I can and just walk over.

Only problem was the bag holding some of the items like the giant coloring book broke, so I put them inside a reusable bag that I had in my car and walked over. Loria instructed me to find the red door to the office, which I did and it sure is red!

I entered and met Loria, who is a fabulous woman who is helping keep the arts alive for underprivileged kids along with this organization.

As you can see she was very happy to get the donations! I was thrilled that I could help and know that I will be helping kids feed their creativity at the Boys and Girls clubs. People often forget that their our kids in need in your own cities and you should definitely take the opportunity to become your own champion for the kids who may be in need in your town. I promise a little goes a long way and you will feel great about yourself knowing that you did something. It’s also a great example to show your kids.

You can again see my shopping for this donation BY VISITING MY GOOGLE PLUS ALBUM!

I hope you will take the time to donate to your local school and charity to help children in need however you can. It doesn’t take a lot of time or money to do something to help someone in need. All you need is some coupons and some basics on how to use them and you can do this too. If I can do it you can!

For more info on Champion for Kids visit:

Also Don’t Miss the Champion for kids Twitter Party is 3/15/12 at 9pm EST!

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  • FrugalFamilyTree" target="_blank">Patricia

    I love that you donated children’s art supplies. Art programs are so important and they are often the first programs to be cancelled when budget cuts are needed. Great shop!

  •" target="_blank">Beeb Ashcroft

    How awesome! Great photos.

  • Thank you so much for sharing. As someone who works in some of these programs, any donation is appreciated! The art supplies are a great idea because some kids are never exposed to this form of expression. Thank you for sharing and I am sure this will inspire some others to follow in your footsteps. I know it has given me some great ideas!!

  •" target="_blank">Theresa @ Faith and Family Reviews

    Love the program you chose to give too, it’s important all children get to learn to express themselves through art.

  •" target="_blank">Sarah @ Sarah's Deals

    Love the art supplies! they are usually the among the first things to be cut in many programs, so this is helpful and fun!

  •" target="_blank">Art Supplies for Good - Champions for Kids

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