Don’t Forget Those Pet Moms This Mother’s Day!


Hey All!

Mother’s Day is upon us and we remember all the amazing moms of the world. Some moms have to take care of both kids and pets. Yes taking care of pets can be just as hard as taking care of kids. Heck having a pet trained me for having my family I say. If you have to feed something, clean something, take it to the doctor, and make sure it’s living the best life it can be you’re mothering it and plenty of people are moms to fur babies. Being a pet parent is a year-round job, filled with joy, challenges, and a dash of slobber. This Mother’s Day PetSmart wants to recognize those pet moms that make a difference in their furry child’s life every day! I have two fur babies and PetSmart was so kind enough to remember me this Mother’s Day as I have to do triple the work taking care of both humans and animals in my house.


They sent me a special basket with some fun items including a gift card to Massage Envy so I can pamper myself and an assortment of toys from PetSmart for Mr. Pink. I’m so going to need that massage after the weekend I’m having where I’m running a marathon, going to a movie premiere and then celebrating Mother’s Day with the family. It’s going to be a crazy time but thanks to PetSmart I can plan for some relaxation time.

If you’re looking for some amazing gifts to give to those Pet Moms in your life, You definitely want to run out to a PetSmart today and pick up some goodies for them. You can put together a cute little gift basket as well to give to those special pet Moms. I know I always love when people give me stuff for our fur babies as stuff for dogs can be very pricey. It’s always a treat to get stuff for the dogs.


You’ll definitely want to pick up this amazing “Pound Puppies” dog toy. It’s AMAZING! You don’t even know how much I loved Pound Puppies growing up. I used to have a million. I may just keep this one for myself as it would break my heart to see it destroyed by the dogs. It even has the little “PP” heart on the rear. So darn cute!


Check out PetSmart Stores or for all the fun gifts you can give those Pet Mommas this Mother’s Day! They offer store pickup so it’s never to late to order online and pick it up in store! Woot!

Hope you have a lovely Mother’s Day!