Don’t Tell Anyone About My Secret Extensions!


Hey All!

As you all may know I’m getting married in May and because of this I’m trying different styles with my hair. I need to look fabulous on my big day and I thought I would try some easy and inexpensive ways to add some length to my hair. I was happy to discover Secret Extensions! They are a brand new product, perfect for busy women & moms who want a simple way to look and feel great, without investing a ton of time and money. Who has time for the fuss? Secret Extensions are endorsed by Daisy Fuentes.


I can’t make my hair look as fabulous as Daisy Fuentes, but I think I did a pretty good job on my own. The hair is very well made and it’s as easy as putting on a headband.


Once you have it on it gives you a whole new look in moments. You’ll instantly have long flowing locks!


The Secret Extensions come in a variety of colors and will make a big difference when you put them on. Here is one example of a before and after below.


And here is my before and after with my Secret Extensions.  They look pretty natural don’t they? My hair is very thin so they look like a natural blend into my hair. If you have thicker hair you may want to wear multiple for it to look natural.


They are very well made and are very light and easy to wear. They stay put and are the perfect easy way to give you an instant new look.

Check out this video which shows you how to put in your Secret Extensions:

It’s great to have an option like this to add some length to my hair for the big day.


Secret Extensions cost about $39.99.

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