Donut Halloween Party Invites! Free Printable!


Hey All!

There is nothing I love more than Halloween and Donuts! This year I wanted to do something that incorporated the two and I thought why not throw a Halloween Fiesta with some awesome Halloween Donuts. I would need the perfect invite to send out to my guests of course, So I enlisted the help of the fabulous Elba at I’ve been dying to collaborate with Elba and I’m so excited to finally get the opportunity. We came up with an adorable Halloween Party invite people won’t dare not RSVP to. It’s just too darn cute and who doesn’t love a good Halloween fiesta filled with yummy Halloween Donuts.

Of course we wanted to share them with you all so you could enjoy your own Donut Halloween Fiesta as well.

We created them in two sizes for you. The size of the larger one is 6 x 4 inches. The smaller invitation is 5 x 3.3 inches.


CLICK HERE to Download the PDF with a 5×3.3 Version which comes in a set of four or… CLICK HERE to Download the PDF with a 6×4 version which comes in a set of two.


Print them on some thick vibrant white card stock or glossy photo paper. What ever your preference. Set your printer to best so the colors are vibrant.


After you print simply cut them with a paper cutter or with scissors.


Pop them in an envelope or hand them out to spread the word about your amazing donut filled Halloween Fiesta. These are great for both Adult and Kids Halloween parties.


I’m sure who ever gets this invite will think it’s just as adorable as we do.


These are so much fun to make for Halloween! We hope you enjoy them!

Stay tuned for more fun DIY Ideas From Live Colorful and The Queen of Swag!



Be sure to Visit Elba to check out her amazing colorful site at for more fabulous colorful DIY’s.

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