Doodle Deals and Deal! 8 plus items for $16.50 shipped!

Hey All!

Did you sign up for when they had the offer of you get $20 if you join? Well if you still have your credit now is the time to use it! They have a $30 voucher to for only $15 which makes it free with your credit!!!! Woo hoo!

$15 for $30 Worth of Family Gear—Clothes, Baby Gear, Toys, and More—at

Totsy is having some great sales right now so act fast! Like the Towel Treat sale. You can get these adorable cupcake Towel Treats and donut shapped towels for only $2.95 each.

These would make great party favors or gifts! They are adorable and cheap too! I see this in shops for over $10 sometimes. They also have a Sassafras Enterprises sale happening where you can get this adorable Ice Cream maker for only $17.90.

With my Doodle deals Totsy Voucher I managed to snag 7 Towel treats and some come with 2 towels each and the Sassafras Ice cream maker for only $16.50 shipped to my door!

I blurred out my address and credit card info just fyi!

So hurry and get this deal. If you have your $20 Doodle deals credit get the voucher FOR FREE ASAP! $30 FREE!!!!

If you need to Join you can by CLICKING HERE if you haven’t. You still get a $5 credit if you sign up which will still be a good deal for a $30 voucher for only $10 with your credit.

Then head over to and if you haven’t joined you can join by CLICKING HERE And then get these amazing deals with your voucher or save it if you’d like.

I love the deals on and and I’m sure you will too!