Download The New Queen of Swag Blog App! It’s Amazing! #App #Blog

Hey All!

You all know I’m a geek, so in my geeky head I thought it would be cool to turn my blog into an app since it is such a smart phone and tablet driven world now a days. I thought I’d make it even easier to read my blog! I spent some time designing it and making it as perfect as I can. I designed it at least 3 different times changing everything up to get it all ready to release. It’s NOW available in the android app store and will soon be in  the itunes app store.  I wanted to announce it to my readers and get your feedback. Here is a preview of the app on the iphone…

And you can also get the app on the Ipad…

This will give you an easy way to find all the Awesome and latest information about our NEW giveaways and reviews and all the entertainment and fun! I’ve downloaded it on my own Iphone and love it! It allows you to read all the posts of my blog in an easy to read format.

It also has links to our facebook, twitter,  and a way to contact me via email as well.

Cool right?

So you so want to get my app right? There are a couple of ways to quickly get this app.

1. You can go to my link on your phone and it will give you this pop up. You click OK. Just follow the Picture Direction below.

Or you on this link and put your email in the “send link” box and have it send you the link. Open the email on your phone or tablet and click the “get it now” and it will take you to the application. It will then tell you how to save it for your device.

Then click add to home screen and it will download the app to your Iphone.

Then you name the App!

And then you’re done and it will be on your phone just like it is below.

You can also download straight from the Android Store for Android Devices. For the iPhone it will download an application icon just like any other app downloaded from the app store. You can also add it to your browser as well.

2. Another way you can get the app is if you have a QR Code reader then scan the code that you see on the bottom of the site here.

I hope you download the app! I would love to hear what you think about it. I worked hard on it. I hope it makes it easier to enjoy my blog where ever you go! Enjoy folks!