Dry Idea Advanced Dry Deodorant #Review

Hey All!

Have you tried Dry Idea Advanced Dry Unscented Deodorant? I had the opportunity to try it from the awesome folks at Purex Insiders.  I tested it during our recent trip to Comic Con where we were running around all day and waiting in line in the heat and I stood completely dry!

This deodorant will be perfect for working out and hiking and frankly anything that will get you burning calories and breaking a sweat.

I usually prefer something with a Lilac scent but this kept me dry and not smelling bad so it worked fine for me unscented.

It’s a roll on and it’s a relatively small bottle so you can take it with you every where you go.

I also got three coupons to give away to my followers but I decided to give them away to my followers that I met at Comic Con! Congrats to my Comic Con followers! It was great to meet you and hope you enjoy this deodorant just as much as I do.


Disclosure:  I am a Purex Insider and received these products for review.  All opinions are my own.