Earth Day Toddler Activity: Washable Paint Maracas!

Looking for an Earth Day Toddler Activity? Check Out These Washable Paint Rainbow Maracas!

Washable Paint Maracas Completed DIY

Hey All!

We made a fun activity today to celebrate earth day with and I figured I would share it with you today. I’m sure it’s probably been done a million times, but this was super simple to make and we made it with stuff we had around the house. It was also a great Earth Day Toddler Activity! We made these fun Washable Paint Maracas using washable paint and all eco friendly supplies! It’s super easy to make and a great way to spend some time celebrating earth day!

You can easily make these into Earth Maracas too! Just paint an Earth on the plate and don’t fold it over. Here is how to make them!

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Paint brushes
Washable Paint
Uncoated Paper Plates or Biodegradable paper plates
Scotch Magic Greener Tape
Beans, Pasta or Popcorn Kernels

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Washable Paint Maracas Supplies

All you have to do is use your washable paints to paint a plate how every you’d like. We did rainbows, but you can paint the earth or happy faces or flowers. What ever you and your child feel like paining on your plates is fine.

Washable Paint Maracas Coloring Plate

Let the paints dry. They dry pretty quickly because they are washable paints. Fold the plate in half if you do a rainbow, so it has that rainbow shape.

Washable Paint Maracas Folded Plate Step

Place either beans, dry pasta, or corn kernels inside to get the shake inside. This is the part adults do by themselves, because you don’t want your kids to swallow any of these small items. Put them inside the plate and seal up the edges securely with tape.

Makes sure all the edges are completely taped, so none of what’s inside falls out. Again if you’re making the globe, don’t fold it in half and just paint two globe plates and tape them together when they are dry.

Washable Paint Maracas Completed DIY

That’s all you need to do to make this fun activity for your toddler! Remember to always watch your toddler with anything you make! Safety first people! You don’t want to find them eating that maraca!

Hope you enjoy this easy DIY as much as we do! It’s my goal this year to do my best to be eco-friendly. I know it’s hard and honestly a lot of people just simply can’t afford to be eco-friendly, but any small thing you can do can help. Remember if you’re in California to save water as we’re already in a drought!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Let’s make every day Earth Day!

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