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I don’t know about you, but I love finding out about new apps, especially when they help make going to my favorite restaurants so much easier. In case you haven’t heard, Outback Steakhouse launched its new mobile app recently and it’s pretty awesome. Since we love to celebrate the holidays and go out to eat for Easter, we tried out the app yesterday for dinner. It was super easy to use and it made going out to eat all the more easier. It’s a great tool to have since it gives you even more control over your dining experience. You can now enjoy your steak or blooming onion on your own terms! Woot!

Vanessa and Jesse

Easter is always a great holiday for coming together with the family and having a great time. When you’re heading out with a large party it’s great to have something that allows you to put your name down for a table well before you get there. This app does just that and more.

Outback Steakhouse App

Outback’s new app allows guests to choose how and when they want to pay the bill, receive and save exclusive offers, join the wait list and check in. So if you see there is a 30 minute wait time at your local Outback, you can put yourself on the list and spend the 30 minutes getting there. By the time you get there, you’re table will be ready and waiting for you! How cool is that?!!

We didn’t have to wait any time thanks to this helpful app. We could get to our blooming onion…

Outback Steakhouse Blooming Onion

And tasty steaks so much quicker!

Outback Classic Roasted Sirloin Steak (1)

The new Outback mobile app’s key features include:

  • Pay when you’re ready: You no longer have to wait for the bill – guests can choose to pay right from their phone. If guests opt to use this exciting new feature, they can split the check, add a tip and securely store payment details for future visits.
  • Get steak faster: Get on the wait list before you even arrive and get notified when your table is ready – right through the app.
  • Save Money: Receive exclusive coupons and offers, store for future visits in the app’s Offer Pouch and apply them directly to the bill, so you don’t have to print coupons at home.

I couldn’t wait to try the pay when you’re ready feature. Some times your waiter is so busy, it can take a while to get your check. This app helps eliminate that problem.

Outback Steakhouse New App

You simply click pay bill and enter your payment code. You’ll get the code from your waiter as soon as he or she is free.

Outback Steakhouse App Check Out

You add your payment code, enter any promo codes the app has available (we got 15 percent off ours), and check out. This is what it looks like below. Sorry for the generic picture as I couldn’t get a clear picture of my phone when we were checking out. I just wanted you to see exactly what the steps looked like to check out.


You can pay partial or pay in full and add the tip of course. It’s pretty fabulous!

It made Easter dinner all the more fun and easier to coordinate. It’s always nice to have yet another helpful app on my phone! It will make our monthly outings to Outback Steakhouse all the more easier.

The app is available for Android and iPhone and you can find all the details on the app and how to download it on the Outback Steakhouse website

Hope you enjoy this app as much as I do!

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