Easy Daniel Tiger Easter Eggs!

We love Daniel Tiger and we decided to make some super easy and quick Daniel Tiger Easter Eggs!

Daniel Tiger Easter Eggs In Basket

Hey All!

If you’re the queen of last minute and no time like I am, you don’t want to spend a lot of time painting or dunking eggs into dyes to make Easter Eggs. My son wanted Daniel Tiger Easter eggs and I had to figure out how to make them in a super simple way!

Daniel Tiger Easter Eggs with Trolley

Thankfully I figured it out pretty quickly! I used some free printables from the PBS website and just colored them in, printed them out, and glued them to the eggs! There was no egg dye or painting involved! Just some plastic easter eggs, printing and gluing!

Daniel Tiger Easter Eggs In Basket Close Up

Here is how I made them:

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I found these Free Printable Sheets of Daniel Tiger and Friends on the PBS website! I colored them in with my computer, but you can also color them in by hand or have your kids color them in with you.

Daniel Tiger and Tigey Easter Eggs

They didn’t have a Tigey picture to color in, so I just drew one myself on my iPad, because my son loves Tigey and he can’t NOT have a Tigey egg.

Daniel Tiger Tigey Image

So I colored in the pictures, shrunk them down to make the heads about 2 inches. You can shrink them down when you’re printing and change the percentage.

Close Up Daniel Tiger Easter Eggs

I printed them out and cut out the characters.

Close Up O the Owl and Miss Elena easter eggs

I cut off the bodies and cleaned up the heads with my scissors. I glued the heads onto the eggs with hot glue.

Daniel Tiger Easter Eggs Group photo

I did mix and match some of the eggs to make them match the characters.

For Daniel Tiger I put an orange and red egg together and for Miss Elaina I matched a red and pink egg.

Daniel Tiger Easter Eggs In Basket Overhead Photo

For O The Owl and Tigey, I left the eggs solid blue.

I put the eggs hidden around the house and handed him his trolley. We did a little Easter Egg hunt and he put the eggs in his trolley.

He loved these eggs and like I mentioned earlier, you can definitely make eggs with all the Daniel Tiger characters this way. We just decided to do his favorite characters and called it a day. LOL.

You can also do this for any character your child loves. How cute would some black and red eggs look with a little Mickey head? I think we’ll do that next year!

Daniel Tiger Easter Eggs In Basket

I hope you love this fun Easter Egg idea as much as I do!

Hope you have a Happy and Safe Easter everyone!

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