Easy DIY Cat Emoji Costume For Halloween!


Hey All!

I’m hitting you with another emoji costume idea for Halloween! If dressing up like a full on emoji with you dog is not your thang, you can simply dress yourself up like a Cat Emoji! You don’t have to do much but make the nose and ears to make this fun costume! You can put this costume on with a yellow dress and the emoji shoes I showed you how to make here, Or you can just wear this costume with a yellow t-shirt and jeans. It’s work friendly and just a fun simple costume to wear.

Here is what you’ll need to make it!



  • Cardstock
  • Yellow Headband or White Headband (You can spray paint it yellow if you can’t find a yellow headband).
  • Yellow Spray Paint (If you have to spray paint your headband yellow ).
  • Heart Sunglasses.
  • Black Pipe Cleaners.
  • Party Hat.
  • Yellow Duck Tape.
  • Yellow Dress and Stockings (Optional As you can wear this with what ever you’d like).
  • White Cardstock.
  • Scissors or Cricut Explore.
  • And these free printables for the ears and nose of the Cat Emoji.



Simply click on the image or right click to download and print the images of the Cat Emoji Ears and Nose!

emojicatears emojicatnose

I used my Cricut Explore’s Print and Cut feature to cut mine out, but if you don’t have a Cricut explore, you can simply print out these images and cut them out with a scissors. Once you have your images printed and cut out, you can begin to make your Cat Emoji face costume.


First you stick on 5 black pipe cleaners to the back of your nose with the yellow duct tape.


Makes sure you use at least two to three pieces of tape to secure the pipe cleaners. You then take your scissors and cut about 2 inches off the pipe cleaners, so they look more like the cat whiskers.


You then take the rubber elastic off a party hat and tape it with small pieces of the yellow duct tape to the nose underneath the whiskers. This is what will hold your nose and whiskers on your face.

You then fold the bottom of the printed out cat ears slightly and tape them on to your yellow headband with your yellow duct tape. Again if you don’t have a yellow headband, you can spray paint a white one yellow, let it dry for a few hours and then stick your cat ears to it as well.


Once you’re done with your nose and whiskers and cat ears, you simply put on your outfit (whatever you decide to wear), put on your cat ears, heart glasses and your nose with whiskers, and you’re done! You’re now a Cat Emoji!


It’s super simple and easy to make!


Be sure to have big smiles and to look happy so people will see the resemblance of you and your favorite Cat Emoji! 😻


This is such a fun and simple costume to make for Halloween!

I hope you enjoy this fun Cat Emoji Themed Halloween Costume Idea! I have more of fun costumes planned, so stay tuned! I’ll give you a hint, think she’s truly outrageous, they stare with their bellies, and they were the best pony toys ever! Nostalgia costumes are coming!

If you decide to make these fun costumes, be sure to share some pics with me by tagging me @BriteandBubbly on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat with hashtag #BandBHalloweenParDIY, so I can see all the fabulous Brite & Bubbly Costumes out there!

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