Easy DIY #PatchGame Sneakers!

Easy DIY Patch Sneakers

Hey All!

I don’t know about you, but I’m full on obsessed with patches and pins. I can not tell you how many pins I’ve collected thus far, but stay tuned for a special pin-tastic post coming up tomorrow. Since I had all these amazing patches lying around, I knew I had to do something fun to showcase my #patchgame is strong. I had these two pairs of pastel sneakers that I got a month ago from Forever 21 and immediately knew I had to put some patches on them. I call them my Easy DIY #PatchGame Sneakers! I’m from the east coast, so I say sneakers. I know some people call them tennis shoes, but whatever! They’re sneakers dang it! They allow me to showcase my patch love with every step I take. You can show your patch obsession as well by making your own as well.

DIY Patch Sneakers Supplies

Here is what you’ll need to make your own dolled up Patch sneakers.


DIY Patch Sneakers Patches-2

There are so many amazing patch makers on Etsy and on the net! I have million that I love. I mean how cute are these patches folks?! Too cute!

DIY Patch Sneakers Patches


I have ridiculously small feet, so I have to use the smaller patches. If you have bigger feet you can use bigger patches. Essentially the bigger the sneaker size, the bigger the patches can be and the more patches you can fit on your sneakers.

First you pick out your patches. You then take your hot glue gun and place some glue onto the shoe and the back of the patch.

DIY Patch Sneakers Step 1

You have to work fast as the hot glue will harden quickly. You press down on your patches so they take the shape of the shoe and stick to the shoe.

DIY Patch Sneakers Step 2

You can add a little hot glue to the edges of the patches if they are still sticking up on the sides. Press down on the sides to make sure the patches are pressed flat on the sneakers.

I did my favorite heart eyes emoji and the kiss lips on one pair of sneakers. I’m obsessed with them!

DIY Patch Sneakers Emoji Kiss

And I used my mini Chris Uphues patches that I got over the Valentine’s Day weekend on one of my pink sneakers.

DIY Patch Sneakers Chris Uphues

The other sneaker has my girl gang patch from Little Arrow Shop! I call these my girl gang sneakers. There is a gang of cuteness on the left and my girl gang wording patch on the right.

DIY Patch Sneakers Girl Gang

That’s all you have to do to make some super cute colorful patch decorated sneakers. Super simple right? The glue gun is your friend folks!

DIY #PatchGame Sneakers

You can easily pair these awesome #PatchGame DIY Sneakers with these super cute patch jogger pants!

DIY Patch Sneakers Emoji PATCH PANTS

I think they are a fashion match made in heaven.


I’m going to live in these sneakers through out Spring and Summer!


I hope you enjoy making these cute patch sneakers as much as I do!

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