Easy DIY Rainbow Beach Sandals!

Hey All!

I’m sure you’re aware that I’m obsessed with all things rainbow. It’s all I’m wearing all summer along with some ice cream and unicorn themed clothing and accessories. I decided to do a slew of rainbow themed DIY’s and I’m kicking it off this week, AKA #RainbowWeek, with these ridiculously easy to make DIY Rainbow Beach Sandals! How cute are they folks? Why pay like $30-$40 for some rainbow sequin beach sandals, when you can make your own for half the price! Love them! They fit right in with all my rainbow accessories!

Here is how to make them:

All you have to do to make these is, clean off your sandals, just to make sure they are completely clean before you stick on your rainbow sequin patches.

Heat up your glue gun and glue a patch to each shoe! That’s it!

Let them dry and you’re ready to work your rainbow sandals at the beach! I mean… How cute are these folks?!!! Too cute!

I’m obsessed with them and I can’t stop wearing them. You can also make yourself a matching baseball cap, but stay tuned for that DIY post coming tomorrow!

I don’t know what it is, but I just feel like dancing when I have these on along with my favorite rainbow shirt and accessories!

Again stay tuned for fun and easy Rainbow DIY’s and Recipes all week and all summer long! #RainbowWeek is in full effect!

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