Easy DIY Summer Guest Welcome Gift!

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Hey All!

I’m so happy summer is finally here. It’s the time of year where I can be the hostess with the mostess to all our visiting guests. Since we live in sunny California, we often have friends and family come over during the summer months. They love to soak up the sun and visit us, especially now that we have a new baby. My best friend is coming to visit in a few weeks and I always present my friends with a sweet little welcome gift when they arrive. I like to include some items they may need during their stay and a cute card from American Greetings with my gift. I know my friend is going through some rough times and she can definitely use a smile. These cards will definitely give that added personal touch to my welcome gift to make sure the gift brings a smile to her face.

American Greetings has so many colorful and fun summer themed cards to choose from. They even have a page on their website called “What to Write” that can help you figure out what to write in the cards your gifting. Just in case you’re stumped on what to write.

I got my colorful summer themed American Greetings cards at Walmart. They have an amazing selection in the card aisle. They were very easy to find, as the card aisle is usually located in the front of the store near the check out area.

The card aisle is always stocked up at my local Walmart. It’s also very organized, which makes it easy it is to find a card that captures what you’re trying to say. I found my cards in less then 10 minutes at my local Walmart. I can spot colorful fun cards from a mile away. It doesn’t take me long to find a card I know my friends will like.

I got this colorful “You are a rainbow of wonderful” card and a “Thank you” balloon themed card for my friend. I know she’s going to love them because she loves rainbow colors just as much as I do! We’re all about the rainbows!

The inside of the card has the sweetest message inside. I’m sure she’s probably going to cry when she reads it. We also cry for anything if we’re touched by something we’re given. The thank you card I’m going to give her when she leaves, as a thank you for coming to visit. The cards cost anywhere from $2.97 – $3.97, which is pretty great price for brightening someones day. That’s just my humble opinion!

With the cards I include a bunch of products she may need while she’s here. Products she may have forgotten at home.

I like to include towels, a wash cloth, razor, cotton swabs, a loofa and sponge…

A bottle of water (in case she’s thirsty after her long flight, her favorite face wash, a lip balm, nail brush, a hair tie and shower cap, a sheet mask and new blanket.

I’m going to put all that in a cute little box along with the American Greetings card. It’s a super easy DIY summer guest welcome gift that you can quickly throw together.

I place it all inside the box with the card and place the box on her nightstand next to her bed in the guest room.

It’s the perfect way to say welcome to our home and to show how much I appreciate her coming to visit me all the way across the country.

I know she’s going to love the American Greetings cards and the thought that went into her welcome gift. I can’t wait for her to arrive so I can gift it to her!

If you have a friend you know could use a smile, send a message to them via an American Greetings card this summer!

I’m sure they will greatly appreciate it! They will definitely love the thought that someone is thinking about them.

Head to your local Walmart and snag yourself some amazing cards to send or include in your own guest welcome gifts this summer!

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    What colorful and very joyful and amusing ideas, I will copy them!

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    What a nice idea! I never thought to have any welcome gifts for friends who visit. Now that I have the idea, I can do it too!

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    I love this so much. It’s so colorful and just fun. What a great idea!

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    I live at the beach, therefore, summertime is full of visiting guests. I make up a bathroom basket for items that may have forgotten to pack. But, yours is so colorful and personal, I love it!

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    What a wonderful way to welcome someone.These are colourful and joyful.The card has words that shares warmth welcome.

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    So many gorgeous things here. I love that popsicle the most!

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    So love the colors! SUMMER is sure FUN. Your little welcome is so nice. How thoughtful of you to give one while they stay at your place.

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    how cute is that! it totally looks super FUN! I LOVE it. will probably diy it tooo

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    These cards are so beautiful! I love the rainbow one. Such a thoughtful gesture to welcome loved ones in such a way.

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    This is such a sweet idea. It’s always nice to find a little something special waiting for you when you stay with a friend. It’s also a nice touch for letting anyone visiting you know how much it means to have them there.

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    Summer could not have been here fast enough. So glad the weather is calling me outside!

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    Wow all of these cute vibrant summer items I would of never thought it was from Walmart. I love the fruit box I see they included “kiwis” wink wink!

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