Easy DIY Wedding Candy Bar Idea!


Hey All!

When you’re having a DIY Muppet Wedding you need to have a Candy Bar! It’s a simple, fun, easy thing to do when you have a shop like Party City that has everything you need to make a candy bar. Your guests will enjoy it and it will give them some sweet treats to nibble on through out the wedding. I was playing around with what our candy bar could look like for our wedding since it’s Muppets and Star Wars themed and this is what I came up with in the picture above

It was filled with all our favor candies like mustache lollipops and gumballs.


We have to have Swedish fish for our Swedish Chef. All these candies, decor, and jars can be found at Party City or in their online store. The only thing that isn’t from Party City is the Muppet Dolls and figures. Everything from the balloons to the streamers to the tablecloth is all from Party City!


We have to have Dr. Bunsen dressed as R2-D2 over looking the polka dot treat bags with…


His friend Beaker dressed as C3PO!


Kermit was guarding the smarties dressed like a Jedi!


Miss Piggy as Princes Leia was guarding the purple gumballs and ring pops as you know she loves purple and her bling!


Camilla the chicken also loves the bling as you can see.


There are so many amazing ways you can present your candy bar with the help of Party City. These purple cone candy favor bags and green cone candy favor bags looks fabulous on any table with the candy inside.


The nostalgic candy and candy scoops truly complete the look of the candy bar.



You can’t have a Star Wars and Muppets candy bar with out a light saber and some candy dots.


These light up light saber M&M’s candy dispensers are sure to be a huge hit at our wedding!


I think Gonzo loves these lights sabers as well as he’s keeping guard of them while he’s dressed like darth vader.


Putting up a simple background and arranging the jars didn’t take any time really to do. Filling the jars with the candy that you can find at Party City is also super easy to do. With a little imagination you can truly create a fun and simple candy bar for your wedding with products from Party City.

You can really save a lot of time and money if you do things yourself and shop for your wedding at places like Party City! It will make your wedding all the more personal with your personal touches.

Stay tuned for how I made the Love is Sweet balloons seen in the candy bar in our next post. You’ll want to stay tuned for more easy Wedding Ideas from our amazing partnership with Party City!

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