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Hey All!

As you know I've got soma amzing dog babies named Mr. Pink and Chico. I would love to do everything to keep them happy and healthy, so I’ve been researching making Homemade dog food. Most of the recipes I found were extremely hard and much to similar to human food. They didn't really have the proper nutrition that a dog needs. I was usually very dissappointed by the recipes I found on the internet.

That was until I found this website with Homemade dog food recipes that I great recipes and super easy to make! The have a great Easy cooked dog food recipe that you can do and they even have a video you can watch that shows you how to make this amazing recipe that is healthy for your dogs. You can substitute the ingredients with organic ones if you want.

The site also has lots of other recipes for Homemade dog food and even raw dog food recipes. The site is very detailed and really wants to make sure you're giving your pet the proper nutrition with the recipes it provides. They want to optimize the health of your pet with the recipes they provide. It's a really great site that any pet owner looking to save some money or looking for a healthy home made dog food should definitely check out!

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