Easy Holiday Party Entertaining Tips!


Hey All!

The Holidays are here and if you’re like me, it’s that time of year where you entertain a bunch of friends and family. I have at least a dozen holiday dinner or cocktail parties to either host or go to. It’s a very busy time to say the least. I’m the hostess with the mostess, so it’s my favorite time of year. It’s always so much fun to get together with friends and family for the holidays. Today, I thought I would share a few of my Easy Holiday Party Entertaining Tips! They are super easy to do and your guests will enjoy it too!


If you’re hosting an 21 and over/adults only party for your friends and family, you’ll need to have some awesome wine at the party. Wine is always a must have for me when I host a party. It compliments everything I make to eat perfectly and who doesn’t love a fabulous glass of wine? I highly recommend Georges Duboeuf Wines . I particularly love Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Nouveau 2016, Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages 2015, and Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais Mâcon-Villages Chardonnay. Beaujolais Nouveau is bottled only 6-8 weeks after harvest and produced using a technique called carbonic maceration to produce a light-bodied vibrant and fruity wine with little to no tannin and high acidity. This wine is always released on the third Thursday of November, making it an annual tradition that also ushers in the start of the holiday season! It’s the perfect holiday party wine! Beaujolais Nouveau can be thought of as the first taste of a new vintage, the first wine of the harvest and an indicator for the quality of that year’s vintage.


You’ll need some great wine glasses to go with your fabulous wine of course. Try to get glasses that match your color scheme and party decor. In my case, I have a colorful pink and ombre Thanksgiving theme and I got pink wine glasses with a gold rim to match. I love these glasses just as much as I love the wine that will go inside them!


You’ll also need some wine glass drink markers, which you can make yourself by adding some little ornaments, mini Santa hats, pink craft pumpkins, or even jingle bells to gold rings. You wrap them around some gold rings like charms to make the markers. Having drink markers allows your holiday party guests to keep track of which wine glass is their own when they put them down.


You’ll also need some wine stoppers to seal up your wine in between pouring your Beaujolais Nouveau wine. On a side note, this wine pairs well with just about anything! It’s even a wine that shines next to burgers, pizza, grilled fish, and takeout! I digress…


You should have a little bar cart or bar area that has more wine bottles, glasses, and ice bucket filled with ice to keep it chilled.


This will help you have your wine readily available to serve to your guests! Do keep in mind, Beaujolais Nouveau is meant for immediate drinking and should be served chilled.


You can also decorate the area with some festive decor like tinsel trees and garlands.


Those are all my tips for Easy Holiday Party Entertaining Tips! I hope you have many fabulous holiday parties this year that are filled with lots of friends, fun, and delicious wine!


I’m going to be sipping on this amazing wine for all my holiday parties!

For more info on Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais wines visit their website HERE!

Happy Holidays folks!



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