Easy Mini Sausage & Hash Browns Breakfast Sandwiches!


Hey All!

I know most households like mine are always hectic in the mornings. Their even more hectic during the holidays. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so I always take the time to make me and my family something tasty to start the day off with. I like my breakfast foods to be quick and easy to make, hence why I LOVE Simply Potatoes and al fresco all natural chicken sausages. Simply Potatoes Hash Browns go perfectly with al fresco’s country style and apple maple breakfast chicken sausage links. I thought to myself, there has to be a way I can easily eat both when I’m on the run. A breakfast sandwich combining the two immediately popped into my mind and this Easy Mini Sausage & Hash Browns Breakfast Sandwich was born! It also has a little piece of scrambled egg and cheddar cheese in there too, which makes it the complete breakfast in one little sandwich! I decided to make it mini sized, so it’s easy to carry for both adults and kids.


This mini breakfast sandwich works with any flavor of al fresco’s chicken sausage. What I love about al fresco is it’s made with lean, skinless chicken meat and they contain 50% less fat and 30% less sodium than average pork sausage. Better yet, all of al fresco’s chicken sausage flavors are gluten-free and are packaged fully cooked – meaning you can enjoy your delicious grilled sausage in minutes. Cutting my cooking time down is a big bonus in my book!


And in case you didn’t know, Simply Potatoes are made with fresh, never frozen potatoes and real ingredients. These potatoes are made with high-quality russet, red and sweet potatoes, which are washed, peeled, prepared, and then rushed to your local grocer for maximum freshness. They are ready for real potato goodness anytime! Simply Potatoes are delicious as is or in a recipe like this one. I digress…


Here is how to make these delicious mini breakfast sandwiches:



First you heat up your al fresco all natural chicken sausages.


These come already cooked, so you’re simply heating them up on your skillet.


Next you’ll add some vegetable oil to your skillet and make 2 inch hash brown patties with your Simply Potatoes.


You want to make small hash brown patties, so they fit on your mini buns. You’ll cook the patties for 6-10 minutes on each side and until they form a solid golden brown hash brown mini patty.


After your hash browns are cooked, you’ll scramble up your eggs in a large mixing bowl and season the eggs with salt and pepper. You can also make this solely using the egg whites as well.


You cook up your scrambled eggs into little mini pattys as well. You want to keep the size of your egg small as well, so they too fit on your mini bun.


When you’re eggs are almost done, add some slices of your cheddar cheese and let it melt onto the eggs.


All your sandwich pieces will be done in about 15 minutes! You then move on to the assembly of your sandwich. It’s essentially 5 easy steps to complete your sandwich!


It’s super simple to put together. I made this little gif image below, so you can see just how I stack my mini breakfast sandwich. First you add your hash browns to the bun, followed by your cheddar covered eggs, followed by your sausage, and lastly the top of the bun.


It’s super simple and easy to make! You can even make these ahead of time and keep them in the refrigerator and heat them up for a quick breakfast.


They are also a great breakfast idea for the holidays. They would be perfect to serve to those visiting holiday guests.


Who wouldn’t love a tasty little breakfast sandwich in the morning?! I know I do!


Whether you are cooking them for a quick and easy daily breakfast…


Or as a quick holiday breakfast for all your guests, this little sandwich will hit the spot every time. It’s also great because you won’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen making them as well.


I hope you enjoy these Easy Mini Sausage & Hash Browns Breakfast Sandwiches as much as I do!

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