Easy Pineapple Mango Margarita Mocktail!

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Hey All!

Summer is here and it’s time to break out those fun and refreshing drinks to keep you cool on those bright, sunny days. I love making drink recipes, so I look forward to this time of year. I’m not a big drinker of alcohol, so I tend to make a lot of mocktails during these fun summer days. They allow you to get very creative with your favorite drink recipes. Pineapple is my fruit of choice during the summer and I tend to make many pineapple-flavored mocktails during this time of year with the King of Juices™, delicious DOLE® Canned 100% Pineapple Juice. Today, I wanted to share one of those drinks with you! These Easy Pineapple Margarita Mocktails are the perfect summertime drink and they’re beyond tasty!


I love using DOLE® Canned 100% Pineapple Juice because it’s a great alternative to orange juice, it’s non-GMO, and naturally gluten-free! It’s got everything I love and look for in the juices I drink. Enough about my love of this juice, however; here is how to make this easy and fun drink!



  • 2 Cups of DOLE® Canned 100% Pineapple Juice
  • ½ Cup of Lemonade
  • ½ Cup of Club Soda
  • ¾ Cup Frozen Mango Chunks
  • ½ Cup Frozen Pineapple Chunks
  • ¾ Cup of Powdered Sugar
  • ½ Cup of Ice Cubes
  • Blender
  • Lime and Pineapple Slices for Garnish
  • Margarita Glasses



First you slice up some limes and pineapple to create the garnishes for your drinks. You then pour your ice and mango & pineapple chunks into the blender. You follow that with your DOLE® Canned 100% Pineapple Juice, lemonade, club soda, and powdered sugar.


You blend in the blender until ice and chunks are completely blended with the liquids. It will be a smooth, thick consistency. You then pour the mixture into your margarita glasses and add your garnishes. This recipe will make about 4 glasses of these amazing margarita mocktails.


Place on a tray and serve to your guests or simply pour yourself one and enjoy some rays on these warm summer days.


They are so easy to make and so refreshing to sip on.


They are not only tasty, but they will help you keep cool when it’s especially hot outside. They are the perfect alternative to an ice pop and you can share them with your whole family.

I personally can drink all of it up myself, it’s that good! I love anything that is colorful, easy to make and pineapple-flavored.


This is my favorite summertime drink and I’m sure it will be yours too! I hope you love it as much as I do.


Happy sipping on those yummy Pineapple Mango Margarita Mocktails!

DOLE® Canned 100% Pineapple Juice, the King of Juices™, is a natural way to add excitement to your favorite food and drink recipes. It’s a delicious change of pace that always delivers exhilarating flavor.

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