Easy Tasty Treats Grocery Store Cake Hacks!

DIY Tasty Treats Cakes

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With food themed parties being all the rage now-a-days, it’s no wonder Wilton and Tiny Kitchen Treats have come up with so many cute icing decorations and large food themed sprinkles to decorate your cakes and cupcakes with. I’ve seen everything from donut parties to bacon parties to candy themed parties and these brands have icing decorations to match any of these themes! When I first saw laid my eyes on these cute edible cake decorations, I nearly lost it as they are super cute as well. Since I am the queen of throwing parties, I knew these would come in handy to help save time with our cakes. If you’re like me, you often don’t have time to bake a cake most of the time. That’s when you make a run to the grocery store and get yourself one of those tacky store made cakes. Since tacky cakes are actually trendy now (who knew a cake could be trendy), you could leave it as is and write something funny on it like Drake on Cake does or you could use some of these cute tasty treat themed icing decorations and sprinkles to hack the heck out of those store bought cakes so they match your party theme. Since we’re all about the tasty treat themes around here, I wanted to share our favorite three Easy Tasty Treats Cake Hacks! They are super cute and easy to make for your own tasty treats themed parties.



  • 3 Grocery Store Bought Cakes! (Two can be large and one can be small or you can also get whatever size and shape you need.) These cakes were from Ralph’s but you can find cakes at any grocery store’s bakery section!
  • These Donut Sprinkles From Tiny Kitchen Treats!
  • These Wilton Donut Icing Decorations. You’ll need to get enough to cover the size cake you have. They come in packs of twelve. I used about 2 packs of these.
  • These Wilton Gumball Machine Icing Decorations.
  • The Donut Lollipop from this lollipop set!
  • Lots of sprinkles!
  • Rainbow Gumballs!

The first cake hack is the Mini Donut Themed Cake!


How cute are these donut sprinkles folks? They taste amazing too!


You simply take these mini donut sprinkles and line the outside of the cake with it.

Mini-Donut-Covered Cake

I did two rows of donuts on this six inch cake along the cake. You then add some sprinkles to the top of the cake to cover up the flowers and icing that was on the cake.

Mini Cake Hack

You then put the little donuts on the flowers you may have on the top of your cake. If you don’t have flowers, you can just put the regular rainbow sprinkles and some donut sprinkles at the top with your cake candles.

Easy DIY Store Cake Hack

I love the way the little donuts look on the flowers. It almost looks like they were made to hold up the donuts!

DIY Tasty Treat Easy Cakes

That’s all you have to do to hack that little mini cake. It’s super simple and perfect for a small donut themed party or get together!

If you’re having a large donut themed party, you’ll need to make a Large Donut Themed Cake!


You’ll take a large grocery store cake and first line the top and sides with the Wilton Donut Icing Decorations. They are bigger than the donut sprinkles and work better for larger cakes.

Large Donut Covered Cake Step 1

You then add some sprinkles to the center of the cake and place this donut lollipop in the center of the sprinkles. I had to break a piece of the lollipop stick off, so it would fit perfectly inside the cake. If you got a donut shaped birthday candle, you can use that instead.

Large Donut Covered Cake Step 2

That is a whole lotta donut fun going on for this cake!

Large Donut Covered Cake Step 3

That’s it you’re done! These cakes take minutes to do if you get yourself some store bought cakes.

Large Donut Covered Cake

And last but not least is the Gumball Machine themed cake. This is perfect if you’re having a candy shop themed party or even a candy crush themed party.


I got a single layer cake from the grocery store for this cake idea. I wanted to only have one row of gumballs along the edge of the cake and I didn’t want to have the gumball machines look too small on the cake.

First you add some sprinkles and some actual gumballs to the center of the top of the cake. This will hide any flowers you may have on the cake. You place one of the gumball machine icing decorations in the middle as well.

Gumball Machine Cake Step 1

You then line the outside of the single layer cake with gumball machines.

Gumball Machine Cake Step 2

You put them about half an inch apart all the way around the cake.

DIY-Gumball Machine Cake

You can add some more sprinkles around the cake as well to finish it off.

DIY Gumball Machine Cake

That’s it! You’re done! And you have 3 different types of ways to hack some store bought cakes. You can do this with any food themed Wilton Icing decoration you find that will fit your party theme. Tiny Kitchen Treats also has egg and pizza shaped sprinkles as well! You’ll have to check them out!

You then cut and serve up your cakes to enjoy.

Sliced DIY Tasty treat cakes

You want to make sure you have some of the icing decorations on each slice for your guests to enjoy!

Tasty Treat Cake Slices

Store bought cakes may not be the best of the best, but hacking them to fit your party needs will surely save you a lot of time and money!

Cake Slices 3

Who wouldn’t love one of these tasty treats cakes at their party or event? I know I would!

DIY Tasty Treats Cake Hacks

I hope you enjoy hacking your store bought cakes into these tasty treat cakes as much as I do!

If you happen to make these cakes and share them on Instagram, be sure to tag them #BandBSugarRush so I can check them out!

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