Easy Washi Tape Carrot Spoons Craft!


Hey All!

In a sad attempt to get the kids in our house to want to eat carrots and other veggies I decided to get crafty and put my washi tape to work. I decided to make some washi tape spoons since I thought they would be fun for the kids to use and they would then think carrots were fun and good to eat. That was my rationale and heck any excuse to get craft right?

This super simple craft is very easy to make and you only need three things to make them. Scissors, wooden spoons, and washi tape in orange and green colors.


You start off by making the carrot portion on the spoon by rolling the orange washi tape around the handle of the spoon.


Then you make the green leafy steams by cutting pieces of the green washi tape and fringing the edges with a scissor so they look like little bunches.


You then tape them to the back of the spoons with a piece of orange washi tape. That’s it your done. You then have some fun carrot looking wooden spoons.


These would also be cute to make around Easter time as they would be perfect for that visiting Easter Bunny.

I hope you enjoyed this craft idea. More fun crafts coming soon in 2014! I’ll have lots to share for Valentine’s Day!

Stay Tuned!