Hocus Pocus Spell Book Sheet Cake!
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Easy Hocus Pocus Spell Book Sheet Cake!
Recipe type: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Serves: 24 Slices
  • Pillsbury Halloween Funfetti Chocolate Cake Mix
  • White Whipped Frosting.
  • Black Food Coloring.
  • Black Icing.
  • Chocolate Frosting or Make Your Own! (I used this Recipe to make mine)
  • 1 Vibrant Green Wilton Candy Melt.
  • Frosting Pipping Bag and Couplers and Tips.
  • Sheet Cake Pan
  • Offset Spatula
  1. First you preheat your oven to 305 degrees. You then grease and line your sheet cake pan, so your cake doesn't stick to the pan. You then mix and bake your chocolate cake according to the cake mix box instructions.
  2. Let the cake completely cool and then ice with your chocolate frosting using an offset spatula. You can use store bought or make your own chocolate frosting.
  3. You then take your white frosting and add the tiniest drop of black food coloring to it. I'm talking like tiny drop! Mix it until it turns gray. This makes the gray frosting color you need for the book accents.
  4. Place your now gray frosting in a pipping bag with pipping tip and coupler.
  5. Place pipping tip and coupler on your black icing tube.
  6. Place White Frosting in a pipping bag with pipping tip and coupler.
  7. Place Chocolate Frosting in a pipping bag with pipping tip and coupler.
  8. You then pipe on the snake binding and corner decorations.
  9. Next you use your white frosting to pipe on a circle.
  10. Place your one vibrant green chocolate melt in the center and pipe on the pupil with your black icing.
  11. Next pipe on some eye lids with your chocolate icing.
  12. Next pipe on a circle around the eye with your gray frosting.
  13. Lastly you use your black icing to pipe on the snake eyes and black sticking.
  14. You then put a little black cat at the bottom of the cake. It's my little nod to Thackery Binx and it's kind of like a hidden Mickey! I know the book doesn't have a cat on it! I just wanted a little Binx on my cake!
  15. That's it! You're done! This cake is super easy to make and it doesn't have to be perfect to still be amazing and cute!
Recipe by Brite and Bubbly at https://briteandbubbly.com/hocus-pocus-spell-book-sheet-cake/