Ebags.com Has Me Ready to Assemble for #theavengersevent! #avengers

Hey All!

As you know I was one of a lucky few blogger to be chosen to attend an amazing event for Marvel’s The Avengers! When I first found out I was chosen for this amazing opportunity, I immediately thought what am I going to wear and how am I going to bring and carry everything I need to interview the stars of the film? Well luckily Ebags.com was there to rescue me!

First off they sent me this amazing Black Leather Bianca Piazza hand bag line for the red carpe and to interview the cast. This bag is perfect because it’s big enough to fit all those toys your kids want you to bring with you when your a busy mom on the go and it’s also big enough to carry all the iPads, Laptops, and other gadgets I need when I’m a busy blogger on the go.

They also sent me these amazing Packing Cubes to help me get organized when I pack!

These made packing so much easier and organized. Each item I was packing had it’s own zip up bag so they all stay together while I’m traveling. You know how your bags can get throw around when you travel. This keeps everything neat inside your luggage, so when you pen your luggage up again when you arrive at your destination you can just neatly take out your bags and items and not have to rummage through your luggage to find things. As you can see in my picture below all my The Avengers buttons and all my other The Avengers goodies are neatly in their little bag.

And last but not least I needed something to put all these Packing Cubes in so eBags sent me a Mother Lode TLS Wheeled Duffel!

As you can see it really is the mother load of luggage!

It has so many compartments and zipper sections on this piece of luggage that their is literally a place to store everything.  It also expands in width when you decide you want to pack more and need some extra width in the bag. It feels extremely durable and will surely survive any number of trips you take. It also has wheels and an extendable arm so that you can pull the bag. It’s not a really a duffel to me even though it is a Duffel. It’s an amazingly handy piece of luggage to have when  you’re traveling.

I love eBags and all the amazing bags they offer! Because of eBags I’m set for me trip! Thank you Ebags! If you’re traveling yo should definitely check out eBags!

***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received these products to review and feature and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***