Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Idea! Ella Wraps! Happy Holidays Gift Guide Feature!

Hey All!

Are you looking for a more eco-friendly way to wrap your gifts this Holiday Season, well look no further than Ella Wrap eco-friendly gift giving bags. They are a great alternative to your typical tons of wrapping paper you use. Have you ever really thought about all of the trash that Christmas amounts too? With all the Christmas wrapping paper, packages, and paper bags? It’s terrible. How much paper do you throw out Christmas Morning after you open gifts? It’s time to stop the waste!

And it’s time to rethink your wrapping of gifts this year! Use reusable wrapping this year.  It’s fun and very memorable to wrap. Using a simple gift giving bag like these that Ella Wrap offers is a great way to reduce waste. Hopefully the recipient will reuse the Ella Bag for their own gifting. It’s a wrapping that can be passed on.

They have envelope like wraps like the one in the picture above or these purse like bags seen below that little girls will love to also use as purses after they open their amazing gifts inside the Ella Wrap bags.

ecoWrap wrapping ideas

These Santa Sacks as they call them on Ella Wrap are perfect for Santa to use to wrap the presents in for those good little girls and boys.

I love these Ella Wrap eco gift bags and sleeves. These wrappings are like a small present themselves since they are adorable and can be reused! I received the Mocha Floral Bow Bag for review and it is truly an adorable way to have wrapped my gifts and so easy as well. No more tape, or cutting, or nipping your fingers as you wrap, Ella Wrap is here to save the day for the Holidays.

They have Ella Wraps that are perfect for all occasions this Holiday Season like for Christmas and Hanukkah.

And they have a Variety of Bags and styles to choose from that are not just for the Holidays.

They have wraps for a variety of other types of events like:

A Wedding anniversary!

Or for baby showers or Birthday these are adorable!

There is No Waste! Again their are No more rolls of paper, no tape, tissue, or rolls of ribbon to buy or deal with any longer. No matching, no cutting to fit, folding or measuring. Just open your Ella Wrap, slip in your gift, tie the ribbon…and you’re done!

Gift Giving shouldn’t be wasteful. Ella Wraps are the smart time and money saving alternative to paper gift wrapping.

Just one ellaWrap, passed along over the years, can preserve the natural resources of the world, while also providing a way to preserve your memories! Each EllaWrap also comes with a gift journal to record the special memories from each gift-giving occasion.

Please check out Ella Wrap this year for all you gift wrapping needs for this Holidays Season. I highly recommend and love them! I’m sure you will too when you try them.

**Disclosure: I received a Mocha Floral Bow Bag from Ella Wrap for this Feature Post. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any way for this Feature post.