Empanadas De Guava Family Recipe!

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I’ve shared many special moments cooking in the kitchen with my Abuelita (Grandmother) and was so significant to me as it truly taught me how to be a better wife and care giver to my family. Spending every moment with my grandmother was always a life lesson. She was the epitome of what a good woman is. She was always conscious of what we at and how she cooked it and she showed us how to be same way. One thing she always cooked with was soybean oil. Soybean oil is one of the most versatile ingredients. The oil has a neutral flavor that helps me create some of my favorite traditional meals without compromising taste. Though you may not realize it, there’s a good chance soybean oil is part of your cooking routine. In fact, soybean oil accounts for approximately 58% of vegetable oil used in homes and commercial cooking! Just check the ingredients label to be sure. Sometimes she didn’t even know she was cooking with soybean oil and she was. I wanted to share the video I created sharing a recipe that I uploaded to the “Capturing the Past for a Better Future” Digital Time Capsule on soyconnection.com/hispanictraditions.


It’s a recipe my grandmother taught me how to make for Empanadas De Guava that are fried in Soybean Oil.

Check out my video below:

Here is also the recipe:

  • Get Prepackage Empanada Round Disc Dough at your local Spanish market.
  • Heat Soybean Oil so it’s hot when you’re done putting together the empanadas.
  • Separate each round dough disc onto flour on some parchment paper so they do not stick.
  • Cut pieces of Guava paste into cubes and place them on the center of each disc.
  • Roll the dough disc over the Guava paste cube and seal it shut by pressing a fork along the edge.
  • You then poke some holes at the top of the empanada with the fork.
  • Place the empanadas into the soybean oil and fry until golden brown.
  • Place empanadas on paper towels to soak up oil.
  • Let cool and then serve slightly warm.

Some of my favorite family recipes originated in my grandmother and great grandmother’s kitchens. The stories behind the recipes are cherished moments that I will pass on to my children. As a Soy Connection Ambassador, I encourage you to keep memories and cooking traditions alive by recording your stories and sharing them with us.

The United Soybean Board invites you to reflect on special moments in the kitchen preparing traditional recipes with your family. Share a cherished recipe and the memories it stirs up from now until September 30, 2014 for a chance to become a featured video on SoyConnection.com/hispanictraditions.

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