Enjoying Our Morning Walks With The Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller!

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Hey All!

My family and I are staying safe at home at the moment. The only time we go out is for necessities, doctors’ appointments, and for our walks to get some fresh air. We go out for a morning walk every two to three days. We get up very early (so there are no people outside) and take our Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller for a spin around the block. It’s our favorite stroller to walk with because it is so compact. Living in a city like we do, having a compact stroller is necessary! We have very narrow sidewalks on my block, so having something that is compact really helps us.

We can also easily store it in our apartment. I love that it takes up no space in our home. The Ergobaby Metro Stroller is small enough to fit in the bottom of our coat closet and leaves plenty of room for other things when stored in the trunk of our car.

If we’re not strolling on our own block, we hop in the car and take a drive to find some other secluded streets in the city. We pop our Ergobaby Metro Stroller in the trunk of our car and go for a drive. We love to discover new empty places to walk around in Los Angeles.

Before I go on about our walks and our favorite stroller, you’ll notice in the photos that the baby isn’t wearing a mask. He isn’t 2 years old yet and he frankly refuses to wear a mask. Our doctor said kids under 2 have issues with masks. We practice every day! He likes to wear gloves and sometimes has a face shield on when we walk more often than not. That is if he doesn’t fling the face shield off. He’s learning to get used to masks and face shields when we walk. We never see anyone on our walks. When we rarely see someone from a mile away, we cross the street or fold up our stroller and run back to our car to leave before they ever reach us. Yes Folks, we socially distance like nobody’s business when we’re on our 15-20 minute walks! Just wanted to put that out there before anyone asks in the comments why I’m wearing one and he isn’t. I digress…

Like I mentioned before, our neighborhood block has some very narrow sidewalks at points. Having the Ergobaby Metro Stroller makes it so easy to navigate those narrow sidewalks when we walk. It truly is compact meets comfort. It measures 20.8 x 16.9 x 9 inches and weighs just 14.9 lbs.

The Ergobaby Metro Stroller is compact and lightweight enough to take with you everywhere you need to go. It’s also tenderly designed for the ultimate in coziness and care. I can easily fold it up with one hand and carry it around when he wants to walk and not sit in his stroller.

We’ve had the Ergobaby Metro Stroller since it first came out and this new version is even more amazing than the first edition of this stroller. The 2020 Ergobaby Metro Stroller includes a reinforced aluminum frame to support a higher max weight limit (50 lbs!), upgraded wheel bearings for a smoother push, and a more rugged sun canopy. It’s usable from ages 3 months and up to 50 lbs. It’s also usable from birth if you get the newborn kit or comfort cushion accessories.

It really is a smoother push thanks to those upgraded wheel bearings. I can easily handle and maneuver any cracks or uneven sidewalks. I barely feel any bumps! The sun canopy covers a lot of the stroller seating area, which is great when you live in a sunny city like I do. It helps keep the baby out of the sun on our walks.

The Ergobaby Metro Stroller is also packed with plush, cushy padding that supports baby’s head, back, bottom and legs. It also has an integrated adjustable leg rest, so baby can stretch out for on-the-go naps. As you can see in the photos, he’s so happy and comfortable in this stroller. He stretches out and has a blast sitting in the stroller when we walk. Having this stroller for our walks is truly a lifesaver.

He’s always so happy to get out of the house and go on these walks. He looks forward to it every week. He runs up to the Ergobaby Metro Stroller as soon as I open it up and tries to climb up into his seat. As we walk, he loves to point out cars, flowers, birds, squirrels and trees. We also learn colors and count as we walk. His pointing is so adorable!

Our walks have become our little piece of normal during these not so normal times. It’s something we enjoy doing as a family and it keeps us happy and fit. I can’t see myself doing our walks with any other stroller! The Ergobaby Metro Stroller is a must for us!

If you’re a city family like we are and are looking for the perfect compact stroller for your walks, I highly recommend you get an Ergobaby Metro Compact City Stroller! I guarantee you will love it just as much as I do! I never leave home without it!

You can find more info about this amazing stroller HERE!

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