Experience Grinchmas At Universal Studios Hollywood For The Holidays!


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Each year I look forward to the holidays, because it’s the time of year when we can enjoy all the holiday events we love to visit each year as a family. One of those annual family traditions has become Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood. We absolutely love Grinchmas and I’m always so thankful when we’re invited by Universal Studios to come check it out. The park is so beautifully decorated this time of year, we would never want to miss it. We always have such an amazing and magical time when ever we visit the park for Grinchmas.


Grinchmas runs on select days from now until January 3rd. You definitely want to check their website calendar HERE to make sure the Grinchmas celebration is taking place on the day you visit.


The whole park is gorgeous this time of year.

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-2015-new york-1

It reminds me of home and the snow filled streets on New York.

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-2015-new york-3

There are tons of amazing photo opportunities around the park. You can definitely get your family holiday card photo with one visit to Universal Studios Hollywood during Grinchmas.

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-2015-new york-2
Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-2015-new york-4

There is fun for the whole family and for all ages both young and adult. The main attraction you don’t want to miss is Grinchmas!


It’s located inside Universal Plaza once you’re in the park.


The Who’s of Who-ville are throwing there Happy Whobilation for Grinchmas and you’re invited to the party!


They’ve decorated beautifully for the occasion. It’s a holiday wonderland as soon as you step through this festive archway.


There is so much to see and do at Grinchmas!


You can snap tons of photos of the gorgeous 60 foot tree. It’s a sight to see!


You can listen to beautiful caroling from the Who-ville Singers and the kids settle in for story time with Cindy-Lou Who, and then Martha May and the Who-Dolls will sing and dance for you.


You can visit the “Trim Up The Tree Lot” and do some Grinchmas ornament decorating.

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-Grinchmas-2015-Tree lot

It’s such a fun activity to do with the kids! Who wouldn’t love to make their own Grinch ornament?!


You can visit Max the dog and apparently get kisses from him as well. He loved my hubby!


He’s such a sweet little dog!


Tons of Who’s are there to make your Grinchmas all the more fun and festive!

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-Grinchmas-2015- Who

You can try cookie decorating and make some delicious holiday Grinchmas cookies (prepare for messy fingers)!


It’s the perfect Whobilation treat!


You then want to head to the Who-ville Post Office and get a photo with the Grinch.


You can also make and mail a post card to the Grinch while you’re there. For each postcard you send to The Grinch promising 3 good deeds and that means a book will be sent to a child in need.


How amazing is that? It’s so fantastic to see Universal is using Grinchmas as a way to give back to kids in need for the holidays. That’s so fabulous!


That’s one big reason to visit Grinchmas this year. You definitely want to send out a post card for each member of the family!

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-Grinchmas-2015-whooville mail box

You’ll also want to check out the new Studio Tour while you’re at the park for Grinchmas.

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-2015-studio tour

There you’ll also see a special Grinchmas performance as you go through the Grinch movie sets.

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-2015-studio tour-2

The Grinch is hiding all over the park!

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-2015-studio tour-1

For the adults looking for some holiday dream come true moments, you’ll definitely want to head to Springfield.


There you can live out your dreams of having a drink at Moe’s Tavern and…

Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-2015-moe's tavern

You can pick up one of these mega insanely good donuts from Lard Lad Donuts!

Lard donuts Universal-Studios-Hollywood-Holidays-2015

And lets not forget you can catch a glimpse of, the soon to be opened on April 7th,2016, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

wizarding world of harry potter hogsmead

Grinchmas at Universal Studios Hollywood is definitely something you don’t want to miss during the holiday season here in Los Angeles. If you’re in the Los Angeles area or planning to visit during the holidays, you definitely want to put Grinchmas on your list of must sees!

For more info and tickets for Universal Studios Hollywood and Grinchmas visit their website.

Happy Grinchmas folks!