Experience The Magic Of The First Ever Disney Baby Store! #DisneyBabyStore

Hey All!

Last Thursday I was invited to the most fabulous event to celebrate the first ever Disney Baby Store at the Americana in Glendale California.

It was the official unveiling of the store and myself and a few celebrities were on hand to mark the memorable occasion with a huge baby shower!

We were treated to music, an amazing breakfast, and Disney Baby products on display in these adorable tents set up outside before we took a tour of the actual store.

Even Tigger and his friends were also on hand to celebrate the store opening!

Two of my favorite things to see outside at the booths were these adorable bodysuits they called them. But I call them onezies!

And these adorable baby bibs were my other favorite!

If the booths showcased products that were this adorable I could only imagine what the store had inside. I couldn’t wait to go into the store!


I was finally lucky to be escorted into the store and I was happy to be in the company of two fabulous celebs Candace Cameron Bure ( Full House) and Marissa Jaret Winokur (Hairspray On Broadway)!

The store was beyond amazing and I honestly wished my nephew was with me as he would have loved this store since he is two! It made me wish I had a little baby girl of my own as I would probably want to buy everything in this store.

This store truly has a magical feeling about it when you walk it. It has an exclusive selection of products for babies that range from new born to toddlers.Β  They have everything you need to help you with your babies bathtime, mealtime, clothing, nursery, and more.

When you first walk into the store you can’t miss magical tree display adorned with mini Disney Princess, Tinkerbell, and Minnie ears for your little princess.

This Minnie ears headband was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Disney has truly outdone themselves with this flagship Disney Baby store! It truly turns shopping for your baby into a magical experience and celebration. It is honestly the best baby store I’ve ever been to! Once you shop here you honestly won’t want to shop anywhere else for your baby.

All your favorite characters were present in the store and had their own themed clothing, accessories, and toys like Winnie the Pooh.



And Minnie and Mickey of course!

Of course they had baby Simba products from the Lion King.

These precious Minnie Nursery blankets and accessories would be perfect for any little girl’s nursery.

I noticed they even had their own redesigned gift cards for the store that were so beautifully designed and unique for the store! I love that these adorable trees are the displays through out the store as you know trees symbolize growth and life. What a perfect way to tie that into the perfect symbol for the growth and life of your baby!

They had these amazing collectable Vinylmation figures that would make perfect baby shower gifts in my opinion. They are a must have for collectors as well.

And if you’re looking for a baby shower gift at the store these amazing new born accessories sets are the perfect gift for those new moms bringing home their brand new baby! They had sets for boys and girls of course.


I loved this beautful and incredibly soft Winnie the Pooh Plush.

I was seriously tempted to buy this little bodysuit for my little boobie nephew and try to squeeze him into it or save it for when we start trying to have a baby soon!

I love the winking Mickey! He truly is a heart breaker and your baby would look adorable in this!

This tee below that says “Original Mouseketeer” would be perfect for a day at the parks! I loved all of the t-shirts they had as there were so many great tees that would be perfect for a day at Disneyland. They had clothing available for newborns through size 3 years old! I will surely be coming back for our boobie.

The store also features travel gear like car seats and strollers!

As well as everything you need for bathtime!

This store has everything you could want out of a baby store and more! But unlike other stores this store has the uniqueness and magical touch that only Disney can bring to it’s products. Being a huge Disney Family this is the only place I would want to shop!

One last unique thing I’ll mention that reminded me almost of Hidden Mickey’s around the store were these little Mommy tips they had around the store that they called “Momgineer Approved” tips.

As you walked around the store these little cards with tips were hidden near the products. I thought this was a perfect little touch that any mom or new mom especially would love.

There are so many great things about this beautiful store that I can go on and on about. It is truly an enchanting experience to shop there and it is the perfect place to shop for the baby in your life!

It opens TODAY here is California at the Glendale Americana and to celebrate this memorable occasion, the first 100 babies to arrive at the store TODAY ONLY will receive FREE Disney Baby Mickey Mouse ears, plus a free gift for each of their first 500 guests! So if you’re in the Los Angeles area run out to the opening today!

For more information and directions to the store click here.Β 

And if you sadly can’t make it out here to the new Disney Baby Store, You can visit DisneyStore.com/disneybaby and get FREE SHIPPING right now in honor of the new Disney Baby Store by using code BABYSHIP at checkout! You can find some of the products they have in the store online!

Thank you to Disney Baby for a magical first time experience at the Disney Baby Store and for this amazing goodie bag I was sent home with! My little boobie nephew who I raise is over joyed with his Pooh!

I look forward to having lots more Magical experiences there with my family and friends as we will be shopping their often I’m sure especially with the upcoming holidays! It truly is the perfect place to shop for baby!


***Disclosure: I was not compensated or paid in any way for this post. I solely received a swag bag for attending this event and I am sharing this for the benefit of my readers. All opinions are my own.***


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